2 comments on “Regarding Disappeared Posts and Replaced Ones

  1. It is so idiotic for these companies to insist on deleting clips. You are entirely correct in that it’s a great marketing tool which will gain them business, not the opposite. But what can you expect from people who don’t even do quality control on their master DVDs before producing tens of thousands of copies and selling them (can you tell that I have just been at the receiving end of some *gasp* non-functional Hindi film DVDs?)…

  2. Memsaab, thanks for seconding my opinion on this. As for the nonfunctional DVDs – you mean they didn’t play at all? That’s pretty awful.

    My copy of Tere Mere Sapne wasn’t bad. I’m wondering, though, about the copy of Aasha that I bought in the $5 bin in the all-night store in Jackson Heights that also sells scattered electronic items and perfumes. Well, we’ll see…

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