8 comments on “Tere Mere Sapne (1971)

  1. I’ve added to my Netflix queue! I only skimmed this so as to avoid spoilers, but I look forward to coming back and really reading this. Thanks for the tip. :)

  2. You’re welcome, Sita-Ji. By the way, I noticed a strange similarity between the opening part of Hema Malini’s dance for ”Tha Thai Thatha Thai” and your avatar. :)

    I had started this as just a post for that song, then expanded it into a full movie review, but forgot to change the URL – but now that’s fixed.

    I don’t think there are too many spoilers here; I think I revealed the plot less than other reviews I saw. But I did mention a couple of things, and I understand that desire to avoid spoilers.

  3. Memsaab: I know you love those Vijay Anand films. As you probably know, I looked at your review of Tere Mere Sapne a couple of times; that was what gave me the incentive to finally pick this one up. (Though it had been on my list for a while.)

  4. I remember liking the movie a lot too, inspite of old Dev (the beautiful women and the lovely songs offset it!). Its a pretty heartwarming story and its nice to see some ideals in films after watching new movies that go to the opposite extreme of glorifying crime and violence.

  5. Bollyviewer, your comments are so true. I don’t mind films that have sympathetic characters who commit crimes (certainly there are good classic films with sympathetic dacoits) and I certainly don’t avoid films just because of a little violence (though it does put them in a better light to speak of that as “action” :)…but without ideals or clear social context (or ethics/morals), it all gets pretty pointless. I find the biggest problem with those newer films that you talk about isn’t so much that they’re offensive as that they are just kind of boring, at least to me.

  6. I FINALLY saw this. Good movie, but I was most moved by the FANTASTIC musical numbers! This is my first Jayshree T. movie, and I LOVED her. I had to watch her number over and over, as well as Hema’s 2 dance numbers. Delightful visual candy and great dancing.

    I will have to do a post soon on this, but who knows when I’ll actually do it. :) I too liked the scene you describe so well here: “I love the scene when Malti Mala learns about Anand’s marriage and his devotion to his wife (although that devotion has somewhat come under question in other scenes), and she runs out of the room to cry hysterically, then returns smiling and acting as though everything is fine. Hema Malini plays that scene perfectly, by the way.: YES! And Malti was reminding me of Brittney Spears a bit too.
    Great post friend!

  7. Many thanks, Sita-ji. Your kind words actually helped to push me into finishing up and posting my long-awaited :) review of Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai. I also might finally polish up that review of Pyaasa that I’ve been holding for a couple of weeks. (But no guarantees on that – I’m finding it difficult to get that one right.) And a certain movie with Shobana is not far behind…

    I’m glad you enjoyed Tere Mere Sapne so much, and it’s especially nice to see that you share my appreciation of Jayshree T. (Not many people seem to be aware of her these days, from what I can tell.)

    I wasn’t thinking of Britney Spears when I watched this movie, but Malti certainly has a little of that troubled pop star personality…

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