6 comments on “Scene from a Play within the Movie Aasha (1957)

  1. Good point, Bollyviewer! :) Though while you were sending your comment, I was expanding this post, so as you see, there is another explanation now.

  2. I have one or two Moser Baer DVDs and I don’t find their quality to be any worse than any other manufacturer (I think usually it’s the quality of the original film print that’s at fault, although certainly most of the manufacturers could make them better if they tried, after all the guys who upload films at torrent sites can do it!)…MB has at least been making hard to find early films easier :-) I love the music from this movie.

  3. Well, the copy of Aasha was pretty bad in places (though the color parts were, thankfully, pretty nice), but it’s good to know that there might not be much difference from one brand to the next. Tonight, I picked up DVDs from two brands that I’ve never tried before: Pyaasa, on Sky Entertainment, which according to the address is located one block from the store where I bought it, and Bhai-Bhai, which only gives an address in New Delhi. Both found in the $4.99 bin in that little all-night(?) place on 73rd Street in Jackson Heights. Keeping my fingers crossed, because I’ve been wanting to see these movies a lot (Pyaasa, especially, for a while), so I would hate for anything to go wrong with them.

    Back to Aasha… Yeah, I love the music in that too. I might just pop it in the computer and play the songs before I go to sleep this morning…

  4. Sky is pretty reliable and as I recall they subtitle songs too (a BIG plus in my book) :-)

    Can’t wait for you take on Pyaasa, it’s a wonderful film with lovely music and the very *handsome* and tragic Guru Dutt…

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