5 comments on “Ragini, “Aa Assalaam Aalekum…,” from Kalpana (1960)

  1. Hi Richard, Padmini is not in the clip. It’s only Ragini playing and dancing both parts. Beautiful costumes and music , thanks for the video.

  2. Hi, Stella_1. I was puzzling over this one on a couple of later viewings; I thought the one who could have been mistaken from a distance as Padmini did look like Ragini, and then I wondered, who could the other one be? :) I should have fixed this right away and just made it “Ragini.” And this was after I ‘d boasted in another clip about being able to recognize whether someone is Padmini instantly, after Tripmonk mistook Kamala Lakshman for Padmini! (Although these two Travancore sisters can look more like each other than like anyone else, especially since they apparently learned some of the same expressions at bharatanatyam school.) Oh, well … Thank you for the correction, which I will apply it to the post title.
    P.S. I might add that this video shows Ragini was pretty great too. And I can listen to the song again and again, it is one of the best from the rhythm king!

  3. Helen has commented in one of her interviews that the two dancers that she admired and respected are Vyjantimala and Ragini. Helen and Ragini did a duet song, Tumko Piya Dil Diya for Shikari, and both excelled.

  4. Thank you for the info, Bluelotus. It seems strange to me that Helen didn’t include Ragini’s sister Padmini in that list, but I love Ragini too, so that’s all right. :) Please let me know if you remember where that interview came from (or maybe I’ll try to search for it…) By the way, I’m not sure if you know this yet(?), but my post of “Tumko Piya Dil Diya” is here:


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