4 comments on “Hoi, hoi, hoi!

  1. I’m warning your Richard, step away from the screen caps. They are the crystal meth of the Bollywood watching experience! Careful dost! Careful! :)

  2. You have such a beautiful site! Wow.

    I agree with Sita-ji. Look what it did to me…too many screencaps. I went crazy. Compared to my first movie review and now…my reviews has gone a long way, lol

  3. Thank you to both Sita-ji and Nicki for the warnings. So far, I am still far from hooked on these. They’re fun to do, but there’s a lot of keyboarding and pasting involved if I want to fill a review with a dozen screen caps :) , and my technological laziness is keeping my screen cap usage in check. Though I know that won’t last. Just a year ago, I was resistant to posting YouTube videos…and now look at my blog! And just a couple of decades ago, I didn’t like the taste of coffee, but now I am a terrible coffee addict (even if I never did get into the harder stuff)…

  4. its jis desh……that made in !960, which has charectors of story brought life in visual effects, it has violence but not heavy only mild in minds, the beatiful heroine padmini’s lips dialouges,innocent bragmin raj’s philosophy, pran’s gentle villainty,alongwith filming technic,one of the best music composed ever in indian cindma, altogether made me to think did any film made in the world so far, reached the hearts of millionrs?the elegant ever beatiful face padmini, charector depicting face of raj, collerstripping villain pran all expressed aesthetically with lens, hoi,hoi,hoi, though i am a tamil, i remember when i saw at midlland theatre at the first day along with my family in !96!,

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