2 comments on “Baazi (1951)

  1. I came up this article quite accidentally.
    A nice write-up!

    I see more similarity between C.I.D and Baazi. The only thing is that the vamp is not allowed to die at the end in C.I.D. and the inspector and the anti-hero are wrapped up in one. In fact the inspector is the only active person in the cast. all other take to their fates very passively!

  2. Harvey, I am glad that you stumbled upon this post, which appeared much earlier in this blog’s history, and thank you for the good word on it…

    By the way, I don’t know if I had seen C.I.D. yet when I wrote this. It might be interesting to discuss several of these black-and-white socially conscious Dev Anand noir films together and look at all the similarities… One of these days :) …

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