3 comments on “Five Old Bollywood Songs That I Can’t Get Out of My Head Right Now

  1. Once I get the famous Aayega Aayega song from Mahal in my head it takes weeks to go away ;-) Geeta Bali in Baazi is so spectacular and Tere Mere Sapne is one of my favorite Vijay Anand films.

  2. I am looking for the video of
    Door khahi tu chal from film bedard zamana kya jane. kindly up load it or send me a link ;THANKS.

  3. Hi, there. Thanks for visiting. I’d suggest just searching at YouTube or Dailymotion or Google Videos.

    I did a quick search and found something at YouTube, but it’s just an audio version. If you take that title and put it in the YouTube search bar, you’ll see it too. You might even find more than I did.

    All the videos I post here are linked to at YouTube or Dailymotion. I have a YouTube site where I’ve uploaded some videos, but the number is lmited and most of the videos there are in “favorites,” linked to other people’s sites.

    As far as linking to things in posts here, sorry, I post what inspires me; I don’t take requests. (But if you find it and want to put it up in comments, go ahead. :)

    P.S. I’ve noticed that the clips here don’t work anymore and this is a pretty old post (at least for this blog), so I’ll probably delete this soon anyway.

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