2 comments on “Kamala Lakshman in a Great Dramatic Suicide Dance from Sivagangai Seemai (1959)

  1. Very nice dance, it seems like it’s Kali inspired. Or maybe Chinnamasta inspired? I love the dramatic lights and the rain at the end.

  2. Hi, Anda. Thank you for the comments on this one. I was hoping that someone would say a word about this dance, I think it is quite spectacular – as is Kamala Lakshman.

    Your knowledge of Hindu mythology is probably more extensive than mine. However, yes, it could be Kali-inspired, or Chinnamasta-inspired.

    Kamala Lakshman was a great dancer of bharatanatyam, and I think this shows her skills that come from that, but it’s also quite wild…

    I guess we might also call this a tandava?

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