11 comments on “Mahal (1949)

  1. It certainly had several surprises in store. I remember being very, very impressed by Ashok Kumar’s acting – he was so convincing as the possessed lover. Madhubala was lovely (she really didnt look 16!) but I much prefer her older version. And I think Mahal (especially Aayega aayega ) was the beginning of Lata’s superstardom.

  2. Hello, Memsaab. I remembered your “Oh, my god, the music!” comment from a few months ago, and as the soundtrack ascended to the top of my own list, I found myself saying the same. But I was under the impression you weren’t quite as impressed by the movie – you had said at the same time that you didn’t love it as much as you had hoped… I was wondering, has the movie grown on you?

    Re. the Lata picture… It was hard to remember where I’d gotten it. I found it on an image search many months ago. I put it in my sidebar for a while (my copy was actually smaller than the one here – I have “resized” it). Your question made me curious, so I did another image search tonight and found a very similar looking picture at Rediff.com. But that one has more on the sides, more background – surely, it can’t be the same picture… ; )

  3. Hello, Bollyviewer… Regarding Madhubala, I think her role in this movie required her to be mysterious and/or tragic. Within those limits, I think she was remarkably good here. Probably, she did become much better as an actress over the years – certainly, she showed other talents, as she was just great in some of those late ’50s (and 1960) comedies. And then, of course, she showed that she was still just as capable of exhibiting total despair, weeping in a dungeon while tied up in chains. (Unfortunately, given what we know of her life, that probably was a truer picture most of the time.)

    At first I was a little resistant to join the great Madhubala fan club. Maybe it’s because I saw just too many people going on in too many places about her limitless beauty. It’s true that she was nice to look at (especially by the late ’50s), but I’ve learned that she was great as an actress and performer also. So, now I’m there, I’m in that club, too.

  4. Ha! I watched it again recently, and as happens with me a lot, I liked it better the second time around. I should probably just make a rule for myself that unless I’ve watched it at least two/three times I should not pass judgement on a film! :-)

  5. Hi Richard: This is brilliant! I’ve been stopping by to listen to some of the music you’ve been sharing, and it’s all really very good. Many thanks. The music, vocals, and (mostly) Madhubala mean this is in my shopping list too!

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  7. hello everyone, can anyone please tell me where can i get the full movie, i am dying to watch it!!

  8. Nouman, I I have found this movie pretty easy to find in New York City, U.S. just by going to Bollywood DVD stores. Moreover, the DVD didn’t cost more than $5, possibly less.

    Not sure where you are, but have you looked in these kinds of stores? If you tell me your location and your e-mail location :) , maybe I can offer more suggestions.

    Also, I think other people must be able to find it online (which is usually not the way I buy films)… Have you tried all the search options, etc.?

    One way or another, I think it should turn up for you. :)

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