4 comments on “Bindiya (1960)

  1. Yes, you can! It’s a HINDI MOVIE :-) Their specialty is delivering everything in one film!

    This looks good. I get tired of Balraj Sahni always being noble and sacrificing, but perhaps I can overcome that.

  2. Good point about the HINDI MOVIE…

    If Balraj’s Sahni’s character was the “sacrificing” type, I think Padmini’s character was even more that way. I recall seeing some comment of yours about the woman character in Hindi films who has to sacrifice more and more… In spite of those things, I think you’d like this one. :)

  3. I will give it a try. I don’t mind a *little* self-sacrifice, but when it becomes maudlin and there’s nothing going on to moderate it a bit I tend to scream :)

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