4 comments on “The Circus Is Over!

  1. I don’t know why but this song makes me very sad. Maybe it’s because I see myself as that clown (see the comment bellow about jobs in the arts).

  2. Hi, Anda. Since I’ve actually seen this movie (most of it once, some of it twice), I can confirm for you that the clown is supposed to be sad. Unfortunately, the stupid Shemaroo video that I got doesn’t have subtitles for the songs (I should have gotten the Yash Raj Home Entertainment/Forever Classics version), so I don’t know the meaning of the words that he’s singing, but I do know the context and, oh yes, he is sad. Plus, yes, I myself feel like that joker sometimes, especially with regard to certain parts of the film. Do I ever!

    The film, if you ever want to check it out, is Mera Naam Joker.

    A lot of people who tune into this blog now will recognize that and other little inside “jokes” that I might toss around. For instance, my new avatar isn’t me (though I dare say it bears some resemblance to me in my post-punk days 25 to 30+ years ago); it’s a still of Dev Anand in Baazi, a film that was made in 1951.

    If you ever want to ask me about the context of something that isn’t explained sufficiently (and this goes for everyone), just send a comment and I’ll answer it there – if not immediately, then eventually. I like having some fun by not identifying things sometimes and seeing who will recognize them, but I also do want to keep some readers who haven’t become completely obsessed with Indian films the way I have. (And I am glad you have decided to keep visiting, too.)

    But getting back to the clip above… The reason that I posted it was another inside joke. Now that it’s days later, I guess I’ll explain in case nobody got it…

    I posted that the day after the U.S. Election Day – actually, it was late Election Night. That’s why I said, “The Circus Is Over Now…” :)

  3. I got the joke immediately. Glad the circus is over. Wonderful use of the video. It is a bittersweet song, and I think it’s sad too, but the circus is sort of a bummer anyway. I have seen this song but never the movie, Mera Naam Joker. It’s sort of a hard one to come by. Sorry I first thought your avatar was from Taxi Driver, I should have known it wasn’t, since he was cleaner in that movie, and the Baazi image is scruffier.

  4. Hey, glad you got the joke – it is nice to be finished with that circus. And yes, I always thought circuses were kind of a bummer. When I was a kid and I was taken to the circus, I thought it was depressing. (I think maybe we’ve talked about this before?) As for the avatar – as I said at BFC, that was a good guess, even if the picture is really from Baazi.

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