2 comments on “Helen and Cuckoo in Yahudi (1958)

  1. I’ve loved this song forever, in fact I love all the songs from Yahudi. Never paid much attention to the picturisation before now so I never noticed that both Helen and Cuckoo lip-sync to both Lata and Geeta’s voices! In some scenes its very odd when Cuckoo/Helen is *singing* and the voice switches from Lata to Geeta or vice-versa and she continues with her *singing* regardless. Wonder why/how Bimal Roy allowed such a blooper to get through his normally eagle-sharp directorial eye!

  2. Good catch. I haven’t paid much attention to that aspect myself yet… I do, also, love the music from this film! Just from watching clips… I haven’t picked up the whole film yet. I almost got it the other day but picked up something else instead. (Payal, with Sunil Dutt and Padmini. But the disc was kind of defective. I typed a longer digression about that, but dropped it – I think I’ll save it for my “defective Indian DVD experiences” post, coming up soon.) I will pick up Yahudi in the near future, if I can find it in a different store. :)

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