4 comments on ““Saiyyan Dil Mein”

  1. I should have added the singer’s name sooner, but I ended up posting it a little after I posted the clip. It’s not Lata (although the character’s name is Lata). It’s Shamshad Begum – an unusual voice for Vyjayanthimala, and a very good one, IMO.

  2. I’ve heard this song very often but never realised it was picturised on Vyjayantimala. She looks so young! The youngest I’ve seen her was in Kathputli and she looks even younger here.

    Just checked imdb. This was apparently her Bollywood debut and she was only 16!!!

  3. 16? I’ve read 15. She was born in 1936, and Bahar came out in 1951.

    I see the date for Kathputli as 1957. She was younger in New Delhi (1956) and, especialy Nagin (1954). (I just have these in mind because I bought them and watched them fairly recently. You can find a lot of old Vyjayanthimala in Jackson Heights in the $4 and $5 bargain bins. :) And, OK, to be honest, she is at least my second-favorite actress-dancer of all time…)

    Since Teenage Vyjayanthimala does seem to be a minor hit here, I’m going to post something from Ladki (1953).

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