7 comments on “A Nice Geeta Dutt Song in Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (1960)

  1. The dancer in the song is Kumkum. She did a lot of dancer and side-roles, a bit like Helen. Here though, I think she and Dharmendra are in the lead. Havent seen the movie either, but the songs were very popular and I’ve seen them a lot on TV.

  2. Hi, Memsaab. I’ve gotten to love Geeta Dutt’s voice, too. If you plan on reviewing this one, I look forward to seeing what you thought about it. Though I am hoping to get it and watch it farily soon myself.

    Bollyviewer… Oh, so it is Kumkum?! I was just talking to my YouTube friend Tommydan1 about a fantastic Nimmi-and-Kumkum dance that he posted (where Kumkum is actually the one who makes the dance fantastic). I’ think I’ll post that one soon… I’ve seen a few Kumkum dances but don’t always recognize her on sight (and obviously, I’m not always the sharpest one at recognizing people in general). Also, I’m used to seeing her do more classical dancing. And, looking at a description of this movie, it talked about another character, played by Usha Kiran, who is a prostitute. Kumkum ‘s character is described as a “maidservant.” The woman dancing here is doing a cabaret act, so I thought, she could be a nautch girl, hence maybe the Usha Kiran character. But if you’re sure it’s Kumkum… Anyway, I’m going to edit this post now, in case I just made myself look really foolish. :)

  3. This was actually the first black-and-white Bollywood film I watched. It seemed kind of disjointed to me, and I couldn’t figure out what point it was trying to make. So someone else should definitely watch it and review it. :)

    As for the song, Kumkum plays a respectable girl who works for some rich people. She goes to the restaurant with Dharmendra and his friends, and they all agree to perform a musical number when the scheduled performer doesn’t show up. She does some more classical dancing in a later song.

  4. Hi Richard

    Thanks for posting this song of Geeta ji. I am proud to let you know that I am involved with the first ever website dedicated to this singer Geeta Dutt ji. The website is http://www.geetadutt.com and was launched on 23rd November 2008. Kindly visit the site and do let us know your feedback on the same.

    I will be highly grateful if you can provide a link to http://www.geetadutt.com on your blog.

    Many thanks and warmest Regards
    Geeta Dutt fan

  5. Hi. Thanks for sending your comment. I actually mentioned this site and linked to it in this post:


    I haven’t been listing links about individual playback singers in the permanent blogroll on the sidebar. It’s a thought, though… If I do, Geeta Dutt will definitely be up there.

    I also will be referring to your site again sometime. There is a lot there, and iit looks as though you’ll be adding more. Looking forward to visiting it again…

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