4 comments on “Now, This Is What I Always Think Of When Someone Mentions Kumkum

  1. Have heard this song innumerable number of times (it makes it to most of Rafi’s song collections and I have it on several of my cds!) but never seen its picturisation. Didnt realise Kumkum did so many dances here. She is great! One more reason to watch the movie – if I can only find the DVD.

  2. Just wanted to say I love your blog! I used to have a YouTube channel as MinaiMinai, but all the copyright violations caught up with me, unfortunately! Anyway, I was happy to see you had linked to some of my videos, and I’m amazed at how you find some of these gems on youtube that you link to! Great blog! ~Kasuvandi

  3. Kasuvandi, I’m very glad to see that you’re enjoying my blog. Your YouTube channel was one of my favorites too. In fact, I don’t know if you know this, but I even had your site listed in my blogroll in the category at the bottom, “Some Favorite Sources for Movie and Dance Clips” (which might have just been called “Favorite YouTube Sources” or something like that at the time). Then when I noticed that a bunch of my dance film videos had vanished, I checked your site out and saw that it had been suspended. (Some of those clips were replaced thanks to Tripmonk, who’s an expert on bharatanatyam. He got most of those Shobana clips back up on YouTube. But some clips still remain lost for now.) With any luck, maybe the suspension was only temporary? Others like Tommydan1 had their channels restored after being suspended for a couple of months. I’m hoping that sometime soon you also will be surprised by seeing your blog mysteriously reappear. Meanwhile, you’re very welcome to stop over here with more good comments. :)

  4. Bollyviewer, I hope Kohinoor isn’t too hard to find, because I’ve been meaning to pick it up sometime soon myself. It’s funny, because I’ve been looking at scenes from this movie and listening to the whole soundtrack for about a year. Yes, it’s about time I watched the movie…

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