3 comments on “Kamala Lakshman in Yahudi (1958)

  1. Yes, it is amazing! Was trying to figure out who the dancer in Dil Mein Pyar ka Toofan was. Got the lead hint from here and a documentary from Films Division seems to confirm it is indeed Kumari Kamala.

  2. Hello. Thanks for commenting. Your comments brought me back to this old post, which I probably haven’t looked at in close to eight years. :)

    There was a video that went with it… I had put in a URL format that later became obsolete, so it entirely disappeared. I fixed that, but now I see that it is still blank. Well, YouTube videos often don’t last eight years. I’ll put a new version up soon.

    These days, I generally don’t do these kind s of posts that just depend on one video and a few lines. I do that sort of thing on Facebook and try to make all the posts in this blog more substantive. But it’s still nice to see people stumbling upon the old ones, from when this blog was in an early stage.

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