5 comments on “My Second-Favorite Waterfall Song

  1. That’ s a gem!

    Shah Rukh Khan’s first influence (rather than idol) was Mumtaz. I think I remember him using some of these moves!

    I’d like to know what is your first-favourite waterfall song. Could it be any better than this?!

  2. Hi, Joss. Glad you liked this one. I do too, of course. But I think my first-favorite waterfall song is better than thiis, and actually, this one looks like a sort of tribute to that one.

    Favorite waterfall song #1 is Padmini in “Ho Maine Pyar Kiya” from Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai:

  3. Ha! I figured that would be the first favorite :-)

    I’ve just gotten this film, need to watch it next. The music is great in it…

  4. Wow! That’ s great too. What a gal! Padmini is much more abandoned than Mumtaz,and the choreography is more natural too. I love both clips, and I think my sister would too. Must share them. Thanks, Richard. What a great way to start a cold and frosty morning.

  5. You’re welcome, Joss, happy to share them!

    Memsaab, are you referring back to Sawan Ki Ghata? It seems to me as though the music for both films is great. It would be hard to choose who’s better between O.P. Nayyar or Shankar Jaikishan…

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