2 comments on ““Is Jahan Ka Pyar”

  1. I enjoyed the song a lot but the dancing seems a bit disorganized, hectic and it doesn’t seem as if it is done on purpose. It looks a bit as if it wasn’t rehearsed enough…

  2. Hmm, that didn’t occur to me; I think it’s a rather strange thing to say about this… It is meant to be a sort of ragtag street performance. And Dev Anand probably wasn’t the best dancer even back then. But the two women are Travancore Sisters; I’ve never seen them do a dance together that I didn’t like!

    You might prefer another dance from this movie, which I’ve posted before, to the song “Tali lo Dil Tana.” (Wait past the opening scene, to about :21.) This is just the two sisters doing a very coordinated thing together while Johnny Walker stays on the side and mimes drums.

    This is my favorite dance from the Amar Deep (although there are others in the movie with Vyjayanthimala or with Padmini dancing by herself that I think some other people might like more). If you find a similar fault in this one…I just don’t know what to say! :)

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