7 comments on ““O Saya”

  1. Thanks for the info. Richard. Long time, no blog for me. I like the new name and will change it accordingly on my blogroll. I too have thought of changing the name of my blog. A friend of mine started it and named it, but then she faded away from the blog and also from my life, so I thought a name change was in order. I just haven’t come up with one. I was sondering how it would work as far as the url. I see your address/URL is still reading rougninhere.

    While wandering around the net today I stumbled upon this site, which I think you will like a lot: http://atulsongaday.wordpress.com/

  2. Hi, Sita-ji. Long time no blog, but you went half-way around the world to do research :), and you seem to be catching up anyway now.

    By the way, I’ve started to watch Kati Patang for free on YouTube over here:

    I tried to send a comment to your post about this movie, but my comment wasn’t appearing. The same thing happened with Memsaab’s blog today. I’m wondering if it might be a consequence of the name change – or just a technical error going on today? (Sent a comment to WordPress forums, but no answer so far. My WordPress problems always happen late at night on a weekend, when there’s definitely no support around.)

    I know it’s a bit strange changing the blog name and keeping the old URL, but I’ve done that in the past, back when I was at Blogger, and it didn’t cause any problems and it didn’t seem to bother anyone. I’ve also noticed some other blogs that have done a similar thing. Otherwise, I guess, the only option is to start a new blog and then try to import everything? Experience tells me that would cause a mess. :) Besides, people can still keep the old name in their blogrolls if they don’t want to bother changing it, and it will still make some sense because of the address. :) But thank you for being willing to take that extra step.

    I can understand wanting to change the blog name after a collaboration fell apart. My first blogging experience was in a collaboration with someone else. But that was a Geocities blog way back in 2004, and I was ready to try one of the real blogging programs, so when that collaboration had to end, the timing was kind of convenient anyway.

    Thanks for the song-a-day reference. I’ve looked at it, will have to spend more time over there later. It looks good.

    I recalled that Memsaab actually commented a little while back that I should request a certain song with Atul, because he takes requests. It’s a thought…

  3. Richard,

    I hope you try and repost your comment. Nothing came through on my site. Sometimes when a link is sent witin a comment it may be sent to a queue for approval since it’s sometimes misinterpreted as “spam” but I didn’t see it there either.

    Thanks for the tips/understanding about the name change.

    And Atul’s site is new to me, but so excellent, “mind blowing” as those Indians like to say. :)

  4. Yo! Dances on the Footpath!
    I DID end up finding your comment in the “spam” queue, due to the link. WordPress’s safety nearly threatend our freedom of speech! Thanks for that link and rock on with your bad self!

    Remember that tune!?

  5. And, Sita-ji, it took me a while to see your comment about how my comment had actually landed in your spam queue, because that same comment of yours landed in my spam queue!

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