4 comments on “Thiruvarutchelvar (1967)

  1. Glad to hear it. :) I think in our little circle of “Bolly bloggers,” I probably have experienced more of a balance between Hindi and Tamil films than most. (Telugu films seem like a bit more of rarity, though I know there are some very good ones, and I’ve seen a few. Same for Malayalam films.) If I ever got serious about listing all of the Indian films I’ve seen (I’ve started that effort a couple of times but it just seemed like too much work :) , I think at least a third of the films on the list, maybe even two fifths, would be Tamil – though probably half of those are films I watched without subtitles, so it’s questionable whether I really fully watched them. (Plus, I’ve gone much more to the free online sites for Tamil films, because you can’t find them as easily in stores, never mind libraries(!), so I’m not getting the same quality, technically speaking, for the most part.)

    The Hindi films might be a little better overall as films, but I love the Tamil films for the music and dance, and if you’re looking for a lot of good dance scenes, I don’t think anything in this world beats a good old Tamil film!

  2. Sivaji was always the best actor..MGR could never act..his films were full of messages and heroism but no acting whatsoever..all his films were formula fare and too predictable..actually sivaji tasted more box office successes in 60’s than MGR..actually no one says MGR is a better actor though all of us like both sivaji and mgr…im surprised by this statement

  3. Hi, there. Actually, at least one person I know said he thought MGR was a better actor (and he knows who he is if he’s reading this :) … But then I looked up a bunch of reviews, etc., and saw that most people would agree with me that Sivaji is the better actor. Neither I nor this other person is Indian, so I guess we were not aware that it was common knowledge that Sivaji could act and MGR couldn’t. :)

    Knowing what I do now, I would like to edit this post and delete that line. But then what do I do with your comment? :)

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