4 comments on “Mesmerizing Kathak by Roshan Kumari in Jalsaghar (The Music Room) (1958)

  1. Nice Commentary and yeah the dancing is awesome.. hey but wish the camera got a bit closer to the footsteps when the thihaee’s are being rolled out..

  2. Thank you for the nice words, Sydhwaney. I see from your blog that you are very knowledgeable about Indian music and dance. And it is a very interesting blog, I’m going to look at it some more.

    Yes, I wish the camera got a little closer at times. I guess that would be when the thihaee’s are being rolled out. I must admit, I’m not exactly sure if I’m thinking of the moments of the thiahees (which I assume is the same as “tihahees,” as I’ve seen it spelled?)… I’ll have to learn some more of these terms. I think I know a little more about some of the terms in bharatanatyam than in kathak (and even then, I wouldn’t claim to know that much!)

  3. I saw this tonight at Lincoln Center, with friends unfamiliar with Indian cinema, Bollywood and otherwise. The print is so clear, like a moving silver gelatin photograph– this scene was one we couldn’t stop talking about. If you can, go! Tomorrow (Thurs) at 4pm is the only other showing. A wonderful movie too.

  4. Hi, Kate. Thanks for the nice feedback on this. (A “moving silver gelatin photograph” – that’s a great description!) Unfortunately, no, I didn’t make it over there itoday.

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