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  1. hahaha! you’re right, that’s funny! also – why are all the women in these movies so goddamn sexy?

  2. Thanks Richard, they were all very beautiful! I have a question – I would like to watch some more Indian/Tamil movies like the ones from which you post your videos here, on your blog but I don’t know where to start. Is there a proper place to start? Do you find movies with subtitles or you usually watch them without subtitles? When I enter a desi store which has movies for rent I’m usually so lost…How do you go about this?

  3. OK, here are my answers to Anda’s questions… I’ve said some of this before, of course, but just to sum it up (in possibly my longest “comments” post here ever)…

    When I first started watching a lot of Indian movies (a surprisingly short time ago), I chose them based on a combination of clips I had seen and reviews that I read and certain stars that I liked. I also based the decision somewhat on what I could find for free online. (Those are some of the reasons I ended up watching a lot more Tamil movies than people who get into Indian movies usually do at first – but more on that in a little while.) You can sample a lot of scenes/songs/dances from Indian movies (search for “Bollywood,” “Hindi movies,” Tamil movies,” etc. over at YouTube or Dailymotion or, now, Veoh.com) and see which performances you like and/or you can read reviews online before deciding. Wikipedia can actually be very helpful with well-known movies and IMDb.com can be useful too (although the latter isn’t as accurate, especially with regard to listing the cast, as some people think). Of course, you can also check reviews on the blogs. Most of the blogs in my blogroll under “Blogs Mostly About Bollywood or Kollywood” do reviews of Bollywood movies, though a couple of them focus more on the music (which might be just as helpful anyway). If you want to find a site with good reviews and analysis of movies that is organized differently from a day-to-day blog, Philipsfil-ums can be very good – though that’s only for Hindi movies, and it seems to be spread out evenly over the decades, so it doesn’t have a lot of the older movies that I love (though then again, it does have some very good classic ones).)

    YouTube, Dailymotion and Veoh.com also post some full movies, though you have to do some searching to find good ones, and you might or might not be able to tolerate the visual quality of the posts (personally, I’m not all that picky about it). With Veoh.com, as I said, you have to download their browser. With YouTube (and probably Dailymotion, too) you should probably check out some users’ pages without just relying on movie title searches, as some post movies without actually naming them in a searchable way in order to avoid detection from companies that would want to get them kicked off for copyright violation.

    If you want to see new(er) movies, they’re pretty easy to find online. But I recommend looking into the Golden Age, late ’40s to late ’60s, which is what I post from, mostly. Some people have the greatest fondness for the movies that came out in the ’70s, but, while I think they’re generally better than current stuff, they’re usually not as good as earlier ones – at least not in commercial Bollywood. (In the ’70s, I think some things got separated more into “parallel cinema” – but that’s a whole other story.) Anyway, the classic ones are a little harder to find online, but they’re there.

    Re. buying movies… It’s easy for me to buy Hindi movies, at least, because, as I’m always boasting, I live within six or seven short blocks (previously seven to ten mostly longer blocks) from the Little India in Jackson Heights, which is probably the largest Little India in the U.S. There are about half a dozen places I check out fairly regularly and about half a dozen more I could go into sometime. The prices for Golden Age DVDs around here are generally between $4 and $8; once in a while, I’ll pay $10. Once in a long while, I’ll go as high as $15 if it’s one I want but haven’t found anywhere, but that’s only happened in a couple of places in Manhattan. So… I don’t know what the prices are for you up in Canada, but here they’re pretty cheap.

    That’s all for buying, of course… I checked one place a while ago re. renting them, and the woman at the counter told me I would have to pay $20 to register before I could rent, so it doesn’t seem worth it, especially if I have to limit myself to one store, when I can buy them for so little and sometimes do find them for free online. (But I generally don’t rent movies. Before I got into Bollywood and Kollywood, I never rented film DVDs. I had one friend who rented a lot of movies that I saw (OK to be more specific, girlfriend then ex-girlfriend who was a friend at least for a while), but when I stopped watching DVDs with her, I just wasn’t interested in seeing movies enough to get them on my own – until I got obsessed with Bollywood and Kollywood. So, I don’t even know what the terms and fees are in regular movie rental places.)

    Anyway, Tamil movies are harder to find for sale around here. That’s not only because Hindi movies are better known but also, I think, because most people who live in this part of Jackson Heights or who visit the area come from northern India or Pakistan or Bangladesh. I heard that there’s a substantial Tamil population in certain places in Canada (that’s why they were able to hold such a big protest against the most recent killing of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka), so maybe the balance is different there.

    I have found that there are a lot of Tamil movies available for free online, so I’ve viewed Tamil movies mainly in that way.

    I’d say just about all the full Hindi movies that I watch have English subtitles. That’s how they sell them here (and probably how they sell them in Canada), and I generally don’t watch them online if they don’t have subtitles (though I watch hundreds and hundreds of song-and-dance clips without subs). With Tamil movies, maybe about 60 percent of the ones I’ve watched had subtitles. I’ve watched the other 40 percent without subtitles, because the old Tamil movies have so much good music and singing and dancing, that it’s worthwhile to watch them all the way through even if I don’t understand what people are saying. Also, I love the sound of the Tamil language – for some reason, I find it even more pleasing, aesthetically, than Hindi. (But if want to learn an Indian languages, I guess I should go for Hindi first.)

    There are a few places that I didn’t mention where you could find Tamil movies online. I’m reluctant to mention Rajshri.com, because they’ve been real bastards on YouTube, getting some of my online friends kicked off for alleged copyright violations (no other company that I know of goes after people for those reasons so much). Nonetheless, they do have a few pretty good Tamil movies with subtitles for free. (They sell some too, but I don’t pay for movies online – so maybe it’s OK that I watch their site as long as I don’t give them any money.)

    There are some other sites where you can watch Tamil movies for free, but not many of these movies will have subtitles. Two that I can think of are http://livetamilmovie.blogspot.com and http://itamilnet.blogspot.com.

    Anyway, think I’ve typed enough on the subject for now (I could go on endlessly), so I hope that was somewhat helpful.

  4. Thank you, Richard, that is very helpful! I’ll try to not get lost in the big desi movie ocean :)

  5. You’re welcome, Anda. Congratulations if you actually got through all that. As I said, just summarizing a whole bunch of stuff, some of which I’ve said before, here and there.

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