4 comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day and/or Happy Birthday

  1. Hi there Richard, great minds do think alike! :) I just dedicated a song to Madhubala too! Adding a link to your post as well, hope it’s okay. Cheers and have a great weekend.

  2. Hi, there. Perfrectly happy to have you link to me! I changed and corrected the URL, by the way (I did that a while back, too, but I guess I didn’t save it, so I had to do it again), but your link still gets people there. (I’ll never figure out how or why these things work!)

    The original URL, aside from containing errors, reflected the original title, “Happy Valentine’s Day and/or Happy Birthday, O Beautiful One.” But I decided to change that, even if it was somewhat amusing.

  3. I love the songs from this movie and the lyrics are hilarious – she tells him that the house of his heart is magnificent, how much rent does he want and he replies that his heart-house is empty and why doesnt she come over without worrying about the rent! Very appropriate for all those without a sweatheart on Valentine’s Day!!! ;-)

  4. Thank you for the translation, Bollyviewer. Since my DVD (on Baba Digital Media) doesn’t have subtitles for the songs, I never knew exactly what they were saying.

    So, though I am Valentine-less myself, I had no idea I was sending something so appropriate out into the blog world.

    I guess it was just a “lucky” coincidence.

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