4 comments on ““Hum Tumhare Hain Zara Ghar Se Nikal Kar Dekh Lo”

  1. I loooove this song. I realise Cuckoo is also there but I just tend to focus on Helen – she just seems to steal the spotlight even this early on in her career!

    As to the spelling, there isnt really a consensus on how Hindi words ought to be spelt in English but in this case I’d go with “hain” rather than “hai” as the former sounds phonetically closer to the actual Hindi sound. The song says Hum tumhare hain (we are yours) while Hum tumhare hai without that last ‘n’ become “we is yours” – the ‘n’ sound at the end makes the difference between “is” and “are”!

  2. Thanks, Bollyviewer. Since I happened to be making a correction anyway (one should never leave parentheses unclosed :), I’ve decided to add the “n” and delete the P.S. question that you just answered.

  3. I really enjoyed the movie, its music, and Madhubala, Kishore, and Champion! Although I must admit I think the choreography to this song isn’t my favorite. It’s a fantastic song in all respects (the music, lyrics, vocals, all brilliant) but maybe they could have been more in sync, perhaps? It’s only two, after all. Oh well.

  4. That’s pretty funny – it didn’t occur to me that they were that out of sync. But I guess they were more in sync in other things they did together around the same time, like that dance from Yahudi. Anyway, it’s apparent that everyone’s eyes go right to Helen while poor Cuckoo is just being left in the dust, so maybe it doesn’t matter whether they are in sync or not. :) (Not meant as a negative comment on Cuckoo either, by the way. I like Cuckoo. But it could be she just couldn’t keep up with Helen and those eyebrows.)

    By the way, you have reminded me to go back to your writeup from last December (especially when you mentioned Champion).
    ( Readers, go here: http://thebollywoodfan.blogspot.com/2008/12/chalti-ka-naam-gaadi-1958.html )

    I’ll probably have another little comment to make over there.

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