2 comments on “More Loveliness from Lollywood with Noor Jehan

  1. Thanks for posting these Richard!
    I believe Duppatta’s songs were popular on both sides of the border says dad: in the first years of partition everything was more open; I do know a lot of people at the time thought they would go back “after a few months when all the dust up had settled down…”

    I have watched also watched many “remakes” of hindi films from lollywood. Normally, they would be a scene-by-scene remake, but unfortunately can’t remember the titles of the pak versions.

    Dachi Waleya is a popular traditional folk song and this song is a nice movie remake of it.
    Original tune, as sung by Surinder Kaur here

  2. Richard,
    Lata-Asha-Rafi sung a lot of regional songs as well.
    you might enjoy these songs to see how beautifully they sung in other languages. These were very popular also.

    Rafi-Lata in this romantic number, film: Guddi

    Lata’s emotional rendering of this “missing” someone song

    Rafi-Asha giving this lively romantic number

    or this gentler teasing from Posti, again Rafi-Asha

    In fact, Asha was the main female playback singer in this and many other regional films when she was still struggling under Lata’s shadow in the Hindi film world.

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