2 comments on “Vyjayanthimala in Vazhgai (1949)

  1. Having a 16-year old daughter myself, I will add that your age estimate of Vyanjanthimala seems spot on!

    Lovely clip, thanks for posting these as I wouldn’t have a clue about searching for them otherwise.

  2. Thanks, Bawa. Actually, I guessed that she was very unlikely 11 years old in this dance, but I didn’t have to do much guessing beyond that. Once I confirmed that this was Vazhgai and not Nam Iruvar, I could figure out from the date of the movie that she had to be 12 or 13, because I knew that she was 15 when this movie was remade into Bahar two years later.

    I even started to write something to the effect that she really didn’t look as though she was only 13, but then I said to myself, no, actually, she did. :)

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