8 comments on “Waheeda Rehman in Jeyasimha (Telugu, 1955)

  1. This is a really nice video for Waheeda’s fans, myself included!

    I noticed that while the hero got a lot of close-ups with good lighting, we never see Waheeda that close. Wondering why…

  2. I didnt know she had done any Telugu movies! She looks lovely and its nice to see young NTR (we saw too much of his older self once he got into politics!).

    Bawa, the hero is N T Rama Rao who was probably already a big star then. With stardom come privileges like good lighting and close-ups! ;-)

  3. Hi, Bollyviewer. I was just answering Bawa’s question, then I deleted the comment because I noticed you had said the same thing! Thank you for identifying NTR. (I knew it was NTR, too; I just wasn’t bothering to identify him right now, since I figured – correctly, I think – that most people would be more interested that this clip contained the young Waheeda Rehman.)

    I knew that Waheeda Rehman had done Telugu movies because I’d read somewhere that Guru Dutt discovered her from seeing her in “a Telugu movie.” So who knows, maybe this was the one!

    I don’t know, really, about NTR’s politics. Because I have no origins in India and because I’ve gotten into this stuff only very recently (though it might seem like much longer because I’ve devoted time to it obsessively), I have some strange gaps in my knowledge where you’d least expect it (especially for someone who’s aware of some Indian politics, at least).

    I’m reading a little about him now (briefly), and it seems he tried to do some good things in politcs but ended up not doing much good at all. That’s according to Wikipedia, anyway. I don’t know much about his actual political beliefs.

    Considering what I know about some other Indian stars and their activities in politics, I often think it’s better not to know.

    For example… In terms of screen presence, as you probably know, I generally like Vyjayanthimala more than anyone except for Padmini (even if Kamala could dance better ;), but when I read about Vyjayanthimala’s political involvements, it causes me to say “ick” or maybe “yuck.”

    I admit, though, that I don’t have much definite knowledge about NTR’s screen presence, either, except that if it’s an old Telugu movie, he’s likely to be there.

    I did watch the young NTR in Bhoukailas a couple of weeks ago and he seemed pretty good for the most part, though I found the movie a bit hard to get through. (I was watching it online. Maybe it would have been easier for me if the subtitles weren’t so bad and totally out of sync.) I’m glad, though, that they gave young Helen lots of good lighting during her dance in that. :)

  4. I believe he had great intentions but wasnt much of a politician and had entirely the wrong sort of family (he was overthrown by his own son-in-law who’s political career was nurtured and supported by him!). And yes, the politics of filmstars are not always exemplary. I think NTR was one of the few whose political aims were commendable. Another highly respected star-politician was Sunil Dutt. Most of the others though, seem to pick the first party that shows an interest in them!

  5. Thanks for filling me in on that.

    I really need one day to do some comprehensive reading on MGR. Now, there is a guy who was certainly adored by many, who is said to have done a lot for the poor. Others say he took a bit too much power for himself. I tend to be a bit skeptical of personality cults (or at least in politics :) , but when someone really does uphold great principles and, especially, works for equality and for the rights or liberties of the poor and downtrodden, well, I’m certainly for that. Anyway, there’s someone else, I guess, who didn’t follow the pattern that you’re talking about.

    But he was one of the first, from what I gather, at least in the southern part of the country. Since then…wow, so many Indian actors get invovled in politics…it’s almost incredible. :)

  6. Thanks about the NTR bit. I still thought they would do close-ups of heroines because their beauty would be an attraction, but then, who knows what the star politics were!

    But it made me smile, it was so obviously different :)

  7. Yes, I am very wary of starry politics too. My father narrates this incident of Sunil D, he came once to our hometown when he was still a young star: and he had a retinue of his “people” with him. Among them, to my dad’s surprise, was a young batman he had known in his air force days, nicknamed Dogsbody, now in SD’s employ. Answering dad’s question, he said one of his jobs was to laugh and say wah, wah, wah, everytime SD made a joke or a supposedly witty or wise comment, so that…

    P.S. I just realised, did I already tell this on memsaab’s page? getting dotty in my old age…

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