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  1. Hey, Richard! I might take a summer internship at the IAAC (Indo-American Arts Council) in New York. I was just wondering where is the best place to live in New York (safe and cheap) and is it easy to get a summer job in New York City? How much does it cost to live in New York? Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Hi, Stella_1. This sounds like good news – the arrangement with the IAAC looks as though it would be nice. (I admit, I didn’t really know about this group – though I think they had some dance festival that I wished I had seen. But I looked them up, and that looks like an enjoyable internship, at least judging by the organization.)

    As I’ve said before, I do think the place where I’ve lived the past couple of years is the best place to live in New York. (Well, the neighborhood is; the actual housing arrangements have been another matter, but never mind.) This is true especially if you like old Bollywood movies! (And also if you like Indian food and Indian clothes.) I technically live in the eastern part of Woodside, but it’s closer to the Little India part of Jackson Heights than is most of Jackson Heights. And I’ve found this area to be quite safe. Rent-wise, it is also considerably cheaper than Manhattan or most chic neighborhoods, though maybe not the cheapest around.

    I lived in Mott Haven, at the bottom of the South Bronx a couple of years ago… That neighorhood is slightly cheaper than this one and is safer than most people think. Most people don’t have a good idea about which NYC neighborhoods are safer or not; they go by old legends. I find the North Shore of Staten Island to be scarier than most, at least in parts, but maybe that’s because that’s where I was robbed at gunpoint a few years ago. Generally, though, NYC isn’t all that crime-plagued these days, relatively speaking.

    Re. how much it costs to live in New York… Well, that’s a complicated question. Maybe i’d be able to answer it better if I had some idea of the basic things you wanted to have while you were staying here. (Maybe better for a continuation of this conversation off the blog sometime.)

    Re. your question whether it is easy to get a summer job here… Well, considering that this is New York City and we are in the middle of a depression (or “recession” as it is being officially referred to so far), and it doesn’t look as though this is going to let up anytime soon… I guess I wouldn’t say that it seems as though it would be all that easy to get a summer job. But I believe you’re a number of years younger than I am, and maybe you have marketable skills, and maybe potential employers won’t find you as strange. Plus, there’s always such a thing as luck (the most important thing, especially in this economy).

    Probably, you will not find a job with health coverage, so you should keep in mind that this is the U.S. and you should stay healthy because doctors and dentists are expensive here. Of course, we don’t have a civilized and humane healthcare system the way you do up in Canada. But if you’re here for only a few months, maybe that won’t be a concern.

    Anyway, as I’ve said, I’ll be happy to offer more thoughts in response to your questions over e-mail. Maybe I’ll send you an e-mail and we can talk about this further if you like.

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