6 comments on “Another Very Amusing One With Jayalalitha

  1. Great stuff! That is the kind of dancing I could realistically aspire to – pretty loose! In fact, it’s barely dancing. The music, though, is another matter. It’s fantastic! I would like to listen to more music from the classic Hindi movies, but the choice of compilations is over-whelming. Could you recommend anything? I think you are the right person to ask, Richard. :)

    Do you know this video is now blacked out a nd saying it is no longer available? But it is still playing underneath the black filter. Anyway, thanks for it.

  2. Joss, unfortunately, I don’t know much about the Hindi music compilations. I think Rough Guides has a few of them that might be good. (I reviewed one a while ago, which was supposed to be “golden” hits, but it’s more ’60s and ’70s than ’50s and ’40s, so I don’t find it as “golden” as it could be.)

    Given my own sorry economic situation, I just enjoy what I can in Indian film music from YouTube, from the film DVDs that I buy, and from downloading things.

    I’ve downloaded a whole lot of albums from Stella_1’s blog, Parties, Sarees and Melodies. Sometimes the condition/sound quality might not be perfect because this is all transferred from old vinyl, but on the other hand the sound of transferred old vinyl is pretty cool. :) I get similar stuff from Music from the Third Floor. Both are on my sidebar.

    There’s a lot of free music available elsewhere on the Web too. I found a bunch last year by joining a site called Cool Toad. (I want to do that again, but it’s been so long, who knows if I am still registered or what my password is?) That is where I got most of the Tamil film music that I have downloaded.

    And by the way, most of the stuff I’ve posted lately isn’t Hindi music… All these Jayalalitha clips and the Padmini and Kamala and Vyjayanthimala clips and the Thalapathi clips are Tamil. And the Waheeda clip and the Helen one I posted not too long ago are Telugu. And the Noor Jehan ones are Urdu and Punjabi. Are there comps out there with songs from all those other languages? I don’t even know – when I look at the music racks (which I try to avoid doing these days), I just see a lot of compilations saying “Bollywood.”

    I have a couple of mixes that I listen to on the train, etc., but I put those together myself from soundtracks or indvidual songs that I downloaded.

    So, sorry to say, I don’t think I am the right person to ask about buying music compilations! (Can anyone else out there who might read this offer a suggestion?)

    Re. this clip blacking out… I tried it and it worked fine. I even deleted my cache and closed and reopend the browser and it works fine. Maybe you were having some technical difficulties at your end or YouTube was doing some maintenance or something? (Is anyone else having problems with this one?)

  3. The first time I listened it was fine. A few minutes later it had this black filter on top. I use Firefox.
    Joss, Rajshri films website has a lot of stuff you can watch legally. Over 500 films, plus a lot of songs etc.
    The most complete online site on Indian music (from all regions, classical, what nots) is
    Raaga.com or Smashits.com are also very good (but not as huge), the latter having not only audio, but a lot of music videos and scenes from films (newer ones mostly), plus TV programmes (mostly in English but on India and Indian films).

    In all of these subtitles for non-Hindi speakers are not available, mostly. However, i ahve found that some of them are subtitled even when they say they are not.
    On youtube, user HQSupreme has posted some very nice films (some of my favourites!) with good quality subtitles in English.

  4. Hi. I just wanted to mention, I got my lost password from Cool Toad, and the selection of both Hindi and Tamil film songs over there is superb. Also, it’s all downloadable for free in MP3 form. (I don’t think that is the case with Musicindiaonline.com or these other sites, where you might be able to listen for free, but you have to pay to download. Granted, the cost probably isn’t much, but I just don’t buy things online, because I don’t use those cards that you need to use to do so. Not these days… :)

    Re. the video, that is strange about the black filter. I don’t get that at all! I’m using Internet Explorer. Oh, well, who knows what’s going on? At least you both got to enjoy the kooky clip at least once.

  5. No, I use musicindiaonline to listen to, but its an amazing site for exploring the unknown, as their collection is really extensive and all-inclusive.

    Another wonderful site, but only on everything Punjabi, is http://www.apnaorg.com, run by punjabis from both sides of the border. I don’t mind the not downloadable part as I have to work on my computer and get a bit of culture thrown in for free!

    They have the most extensive compilation of Punjabi music, old and new. Richard, you will find a lot of Noor Jehan there.

  6. Thanks for all that. I am following the Cool Toad lead and have already downloaded some very nice ghazals. There is plenty to go at on that site! The trouble with Youtube is that the visuals are so distracting that you can’t concentrate on the music properly. I have my first mp3 player to fill up!

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