24 comments on “Padmini in Manamagal (1951)

  1. They are both so beautiful! And I wish some of the newer films would have some old-fashioned filming, staying focussed, all these flashes and half-a-second for each view is so stressful.
    This song is so relaxed…

  2. Hi, bawa. Yes, they are beautiful, though I think Padmini was more beautiful about a decade later.

    As I’ve just said in my latest post, I’ve been finding more clips with Lalitha in them lately, which is nice (and also something of a success in filmi clip paleontology. :)

    I also really like the way this scene is filmed – which is focused but does change in places. I like the part where it’s filmed from the perspective of the guy on that big swing… I read somewhere that this film actually had some experimental touches to it. I’ll look that up later and post again with more specifics. Anyway, it just shows something doesn’t have to be all choppy and gimmicky to be innovative.

    It’s a beautiful song too.

  3. Dear Richard,

    It was dance of Lalitha-Padmini in AVM’s Vethala-Ulagam in 1948 which paved way to N.S.Krishnan’s Manamagal in 1950.

  4. Manu, I’m not sure what you mean… Was there something specific in the older move that paved the way for this one, or do you just mean the reputation they gained?

    It’s always interesting to read about another movie that Padmini did in 1948. For the longest time, I kept finding sites on Padmini that said she didn’t start acting in movies until 1950. Then, as you may have seen, I finally was able to ascertain that the correct date for Uday Shankar’s Kalpana was 1948. I also once found a clip of Padmini in Laila Majnu from 1949, but that was taken off YouTube pretty quickly. Tom aka Tommydan1 was kind enough to send me some clips of Manthiri Kumari (1950) after he’d been suspended from YouTube, and for a while those were the oldest Travancore Sisters clips on YouTube, because I put them up there. :) Then they got taken down because of copyright claims (they really go after people for the Tamil movies, for some reason). So now I think Manamagal is the oldest one up there. And by the way, this one disappeared for a while also, but strangely enough, I see that it’s back.

    I would love to see some clips of Padmini and Lalitha from 1948!

    I (and some other people) have noticed that Padmini’s looks changed quite a bit between the her early films – late 40s to early 50s – and the ones starting in the mid-late ’50s, when she was more fully established. That’s one reason it’s so interesting to see the earlier ones. Ragini, though several years younger, didn’t seem to change as much in appearance from, say, 1950 to 1970.

  5. Richard,hope u knew ,those days(especially from 1944),film producers of that time thoght that Lalitha-Padmini Nadanam z a mean of popularity to get more collection for their movies.So dances or Nadanam of lalitha-Padmini were been put in their films situationally or not.After UdayaShankar’s Kalpana,Lalitha-Padmini danced in Bhoja,Jnanasoundary,Vazhakai,Mathri Kumari etc,Shri.N.S.Krihnan happenedto note their dance performance in AVM’s Vethaala-Ulakam and casted as heroines 4 hs new movie Manamagal.
    Not only Padmini,Ragini too had cahnged a lot from her movies in 1950’s to that in 1970’s.She was too lean in 1950’s ,but had gone fat in 1970′.Just compare her roles in Thaskaraveeran(1958) and Ernakulam Junction(1972).Onemore thing to b noted.Richard,thse three sisters went to cionema studios togehter.If u take major movies by Llitha-Padmini,u can c Ragini in any of d dance sequences.Paradox 4 dz statement may b AVM’s Oru-Iravu.All other moveis like Marumakal,Ponni,Kavery,Chenthaamarai had been done by d three sisters.

  6. Manu, thank you once again for all the info. But knowing that Uday Shankar’s Kalpana was Padmini’s first film and that this came out in 1948, I would assume all films with Padmini-Lalitha would have to have come in 1948 or later. This is also what I’ve gathered from all the info I’ve gotten so far. Though they probably were dancing on the stage in 1944(?), all the films seem to have started in 1948. Of course, if you know this to be wrong…

    By the way, in your list, you mention “Vazhakai”… Is this the same film as the one I’ve seen spelled “Vazhkai” that had Vyjayanthimala’s debut? I’ve seen clips from that but had no idea Padmini and Lalitha were in that.

    As I mentioned in the post above, the Hindi remake, Bahar, was billed as including Padmini, but she was nowhere to be seen in that and the woman billed as Padmini was just Pandari Bai.

  7. Richard,Hope u dont know this….Travancore Sisters lived opposite to ML.Vasanthakumary’s house in Mylapore.”Imbayam ….song was shot at MLV’s house.Both MLV and P.Leela had sung that song.Lalitha and Padmini did d lip movements asper d song without loosing its “imbam” .Sukumaary was d pet of Raagini.She was called as Kukko.Raagini was a good singer.Those days she had acted in dramas too.Ragini owned a Standard Herald Car(I too have a Standard Herald Car).She was good at driving.Also she was good at handling camera.She had a passion for English poetry.Apart from acting she was able to imitate any one who visited Malaya Cottage during her early childhood.Also she first appeared in a Kannada Movie(asper the sources available).
    Richard,c there was a poem titled Ragini which was published with regard to her wedding in a Malayalam Film Magazine.

  8. Richard,
    This information might help u.These are d titles of films that either acted or danced by Padmini.This include Malayalam,Hindi,Tamil and Telugu films.I adds that d list is not in a chronology and is incomplete.But thinks that this will assist u in getting VCDs’:


    2.Aasai – 1956

    3.Aasai Magan

    4.Aashiq (1962)

    5.Afsana – 1966

    6.Amar Deep – 1958

    7.Amara Deepam

    8.Anbu – 1953

    9.Andaman Kaithi

    10.Annai Velanganni

    11.Appa Amma

    12.Appa Tata

    13.Apsara (1961)

    14.Arasilang Kumari

    15.Aurat – 1967


    17.Bahar – 1951

    18.Bhaktha Markandeya



    21.Chithi(Remake of Aurath)

    22.Dard Ka Rishta

    23.Deiva Piravi – 1960


    25.Deivame Thunai

    26.Deva Manohari

    27.Dharma Devata

    28.Engalukkum Kaalam Varum -…

    29.Ethirkalam(with Jyasankar),Raagini danced along with her in this film


    31.Ezhaipadum Padu


    33.Meenat Sorgam

    34.Illara Jothi

    35.Iru Malargal

    36.Iru Thuruvam

    37.Jnanasoundary(Aramanai Nadanam-Court Dance)

    38.Jai Jagat Janani

    39.Jeewan Tara

    40.Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti…


    42.Kadavul Mama


    44.Kalpana – 1960

    45.Kalyanam Panniyum Bhrammachaary…



    49.Kankanda Deivam


    51.Kannin Manigal


    53.Kattu Roja

    54.Kaveri – 1955

    55.Kodeeswaran – 1955

    56.Kulama Kunama


    58.Laila Majnu – 1949

    59.Lakshmi Vanthachu

    60.Lal Bujakkad

    61.Madhavi – 1969

    62.Madurai Veeran -1956


    64.Mahalakshmi – 1960

    65.Malayitta Mangai


    67.Mangaiyar Thilagam

    68.Mangalya Bhagyam


    70.Mannadhi Mannan(Ragini danced in a single sceen,where MGR gets confused and fall in to river)

    71.Manthiri Kumari(famous dance of Trio-Sisters)


    73.Marumagal – 1953

    74.Marutha Nattu Ilavarasi

    75.Mastana – 1970

    76Maya Machhindra – 1960


    78.Meenda Sorgam

    79.Mera Naam Joker

    80.Meri Bahen – 1962

    81.Mohabat Ka Paigham


    83.Mohini Bhasmasura

    84.Mr. Sampat(Short at Madras)

    85.Mujrim – 1958 (dance with Ragini in male attire)

    86.Naan Vanangum Deviam

    87.Naatiya Rani

    88.Nanha Farista

    89.Nartaki Chitra


    91.Nee Ullavarai

    92.Oka Talli Pillalu

    93.Ore Vaanam Ore Boomi

    94.Oru Kudumbathin Kathai



    97.Panneer Pushpangal

    98.Pardesi – 1957(Russian Coloboration)

    99.Pavalakodi -1949

    100.Payal (1957)

    101.Pelli Koothuru

    102.Penn Deivam

    103.Pesum Deivam


    105.Pon Vilaiyum Boomi (1959)…



    108.Poove Poochudava

    109.Prem Sandesh

    110.Pudhaiyal – 1957

    111.Punar Janmam

    112.Punniya Boomi

    113.Qaidi – 1957

    114.Raagini (1958)

    115.Raj Tilak – 1958

    116.Raja Bakthi – 1960

    117.Raja Desingu – 1960

    118.Raja Rani – 1956


    120.Rajkumari – 1955

    121.Ramayan – 1960

    122.Rani Samyuktha

    123.Rani Yar Kuzhandhai

    124.Rathinapuri Ilavarasi

    125.Rickshawkaran – 1971

    126.Samboorna Ramayanam


    128.Shiv Bhakta

    130.Singapore (1960)


    132.Sitamgar (1958)


    134.Sri Valli – 1961

    135.Swathi Nakshatram

    136.Thaikku Oru Thalattu

    137.Thamarai Kulam

    138.Thayapol Pillai Noolapol …


    140.Thenum Palum


    142.Thillana Mohanambal

    143.Thirudi – 1974



    146.Thookku Thooki

    147.Ungalil Oruthi

    148.Uthama puthiran – 1958

    149.Uzhaikkum Karangal

    150.Vaasna (1968)


    152.Vanjikottai Valiban


    154.Vazhkai – 1949

    155.Vedala Ulagam

    156.Veera Dhalapathi Velutham…


    158.Veerapandiya Kattabomman(as Vellayamma)

    159.Veetukku Veedu


    161.Vietnam Veedu

    162.Vijaya Gowri


    164.Vilayattu Pillai – 1970



    Richard,do u want to know about d wards secured by Padmini?
    Best Actress Award
    Film Fans Association Function

    Film Fans Association Award
    Best Classical Dancer Award
    Moscow Youth Festival Function

    Moscow Youth Festival
    Kalaimamani Award
    Govt.of Tamilnadu Function

    Government of Tamilnadu
    Best Actress Award
    Film Fans Association Function

    Film Fans Association Award
    Best Actress Award
    Film Fans Association Function

    Film Fans Association Award
    Best Actress Award
    Film Fans Association Function

    Film Fans Association Award
    Best Actress Award
    Filmfare Award Function
    Filmfare Award
    Best Actress Award (Tamil)
    Filmfare Award South Function
    Poove Poochudava (1985)
    Filmfare Award South India
    Kalaivanar Viruthu Award

    Tamil Nadu Government.

    For any details pls feel free to contact me.But one thing.Am more of a fan of Raagini and Lalitha than Padmini

  9. Manu, I have neglected to say thanks for the long and comprehensive list! I haven’t really gotten to digest it yet…

    By the way, as far as I know, Padmini wasn’t in Bahar (1951) (unless she has an appearance that I don’t know about in one of the group dances or something like that); the “Padmini” in the cast list seems to have been an odd name temporarily given to Pandari Bai.

    Regarding getting VCDs… Well, VCDs aren’t much use to me… If I’m going for the whole movie, I look for a DVD with English subtitles – that’s why when it comes to whole movies, I have more of the Hindi ones than in the other languages, as the Hindi are more available in DVD with subtitles (at least here in the U.S., in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY). But I am always looking for dances online, especially old and rare ones (as you may have noticed from my most recent post), and I have caught a lot of the Tamil films online as well.

  10. i dont know much about with Baahar(1951).but knew that Both Lalitha&Padmini had performed a wonderful dance in its original( Vaazkai…Tamil)version in 1950.

  11. I cordially invites ur esteemed presence to Vailopilly Hall Trichur,Kerala on 16/12/10 ,where i am organising a Photo Exibition of Travancore Sisters in connection with the 34th Death Anivesery of Ragini(my favourite Actress)

  12. I too would very much like to have the dance drama clip of Padmini and Lalitha performing for Vethala Ulagam called Pavalakodi dance.

  13. Dear all,
    I invite ur sincere presence to “ORMAYILE NISHAGANDHIKAL”-A Rare Photo Exibition of Travncore Sisters and A Vedio Exibition of Breast Cancer Awarness on 12-11-2011,Vyolippilli Hall Trichur;11:am to 6:00pm,inagurated by Malayalathinte Amma”Kaviyoor Ponnamma”.This programme is organised by me inconnection with the 35th and 29th death annivesaries of Ragini and Lalitha who were victims of Brteast Cancer.

  14. The song runs faster in the above clipping. Further, the same song we hear on gramaphone plate was recorded separately, i.e., sung once again by the singers with full compliment of orchestra with moharsingh additionally.

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  16. Manu J Krishnan, Richard S and all others playing their part in the preservation of Malayalam and Tamil film and cultural history, many thanks from a Malayali who has settled outside of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. I am so impressed with your dedication, knowledge and commitment. At least these two South Indian states should feel indebted to you. May your tribe increase!

  17. Dear ALL, i am a die hard fan of Padmini. I strongly feel she has been deprived of a Padmashree award though lesser known actresses got it. Further the tamil press has completely blacked out her death. i am very interested to see all her films and would be grateful if i could dvds or youtube movies.

  18. I am also an ardent fan of Padmini. If you let me know your email ID we can exchange our views.

  19. Dear Manu j krishnan,
    I am an ardent fan of Padmini. As long as I know , the under mentioned movies are not featuring Padmini.
    11.Appa amma.
    33.Meenrat sorgam.
    42.Kadavul mama.
    50.Kan kaatchi.
    65.Maalayitta mangai.
    91.Nee ullavarai.
    94.Oru kudumbathi kadhai.
    97.Panneer pushpangal.
    123.Rani yaar kuzhandhai.
    135.Swathi nakshathiram.
    138.Thayaipol pillai noolaippol selai
    139Then nilavu.
    147.Ungalil Oruthi

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