13 comments on “Ragini in Thurakkaatha Vaathil (Malayalam, 1970)

  1. Thgurakatha Vathil proves the faculty in Ragini’s life as an actress.she did maximum no.of films in 1970’s.It is heard that she was aware of her tragic end and thatsy she got associated with films just to fortget about her disease.Panchavankaadu,Sarawathi,Ammayanna Sthree(Guest Role),Lanka Dhahanam,Ernakulam Junction ,Achante Bharya(Remake of Padmini’s Shinthi) etc were some of her notable films of that time.
    Othayanante Magan proves her lively psecense.The song …Yaamini..yaamini… was superebly shot.Ragini did her best to make d movie Aalinganam(1976).It was remade in tamil in d very next year withgout Raagini.Her role aws done by Pushpa(AVM Rajan’s wife).also Ragini did a good negative role in Navagraham(Tamil movie with Nagesh as hero)

  2. Manu, thanks for all the information about Ragini’s films in the ’70s. It is not easy to find scenes from these! I am most familiar with Ragini’s films from the ’50s and early ’60s (I guess a lot of people are).

  3. Dear Richard,
    i am not sure whether u knew about Ragini’s character roles.She has done a good role in AAyiram Roopai(Tamil) along with Saavithri and Gemini Ganeshan .She associated with EV.Ramaswami in Navagraham(a comedy mixed negative role-tamil).Director Vijayanarayanan did Ernakulam Junction(quite different role of Ragini in Malayalam).I had often thought,”why Raagini did this role”.Then she was d villan in Sethumadhavan’s Aranaazikaneram.infact ,Rakki was a great actress

  4. Thanks for this info, Manu. It is very difficult to find Malayalam films that are subtitled (so that I’d understand the dialogue). In fact, it’s not so easy to find Malayalam films in general – at least not the older, classic ones (for some reason, new ones are quite available online, with subtitles too). But every once in a while, I do stumble upon a song clip from a Ragini Malayalam movie (in fact, I just found a few the night that I’m writing this comment) and it is a special treat.

    Yes, I believe that Ragini was a great actress, though I feel that I still haven’t seen her in enough films. I’ve been even more impressed by Padmini’s acting, but of course, she got to do more, with so many bigger roles.

    Some of my “Bollywood blogging” acquaintances out there don’t seem to think either Padmini or Ragini was a good actress, though they’ll praise them both as dancers. They think these sisters act in a way that’s too theatrical, and they sometimes complain that they don’t have perfect Hindi accents in the Bollywood films that they know them from. But I like the theatricality, which I see as being directly connected to their training in Bharatanatyam. As for accents, I wouldn’t know the difference, and I’m not sure why it should matter so much. (We’ve had Hollywood actresses with foreign accents, and people seem to like them more for them, not less. Besides, I know that Padmini could act in quite a few languages, and that alone seems like a major accomplishment, whether or not she did it with a “southern accent.” I imagine the same was true of Ragini as welll.)

  5. yesterday,i saw tamil movie Ponni.,by Lalitha Padmini and Sriram.This was shot at Pakshiraja Studios Coimbattore.It was really a good family entertainer.Here Kukku(Sukumari)did a small dance piece as Llitha’s childhood.Agai,there is a dance sequence by Lalitha-Padmini-Ragini and Ambika named as “BHAMA-VIJAYAM”.I repeat,”u shuld c this move.Infact,”Lalitha has not acted…but she has llived as Ponni”.Again,v c Ragini in male attaire(as Naradha) in d dance sequence.Hope u knew that Ragini has appeared inmany dance sequences in male attaire.Eg…the famous stage dance in Nagayya’s “Ezhai Padum Paadu”Nazir’s “Ponkathir(along with Lalitha),Uthamaputhran(alog with Padmini)etc.
    IRichard,u shud watch Aruna Picture’s “Thookku-Thookki” where Lalitha-Padmini-Ragini sisters hv done their equal roles.the song …”kurangil nindru”… proves Raagini’s beauty while dancing along with Shivaji and Padmini.

  6. Manu, thanks again for more info!

    Yes, I knew about Ragini’s tendency to dance the male parts. Uthama Puthiran was actually the first film I saw that made me a Ragini fan in addition to being a Padmini fan. :)

    But I know that in some Hindi films, Padmin and Ragini also started to reverse the usual gender roles… For instance, in the final dance in Mujrim, Padmini plays the male part and Ragini the female role. (And it is a great dance!) And there’s a dance in the 1960 Kalpana in which Ragini plays both the male role and the female role… (Though I understand that throughout the film, Padmini does play the more feminine role than Ragini, who’s sort of a “tomboy.” Oh, it would be so great to find that film on DVD with subtitles!)

    I’ve looked all over for “Thooku-Thooki,” but still haven’t found a copy of that one either, in stores or online. But I’ll keep looking…

  7. Dear Richard,
    i hv Thooku-Thooki’s vcd with me.Raj Movies had produced it

  8. I cordially invites ur esteemed presence to Vailopilly Hall Trichur,Kerala on 16/12/10 ,where i am organising a Photo Exibition of Travancore Sisters in connection with the 34th Death Anivesery of Ragini(my favourite Actress)

  9. I invite ur sincere presence to “ORMAYILE NISHAGANDHIKAL”-A Rare Photo Exibition of Travncore Sisters and A Vedio Exibition of Breast Cancer Awarness on 12-11-2011,Vyolippilli Hall Trichur;11:am to 6:00pm,inagurated by Malayalathinte Amma”Kaviyoor Ponnamma”.This programme is organised by me inconnection with the 35th and 29th death annivesaries of Ragini and Lalitha who were victims of Breast Cancer.Proceeds of the show will be handed over to Pain&Palliative Care Society Trichur,like that of last time
    .Please do come or paray for me.Iam making myself in the path of a great cause

  10. Manu, it looks as though you are planning another great event that I would love to go to… And I have to answer your nice invitations over e-mail, too. But, unfortunately, there’s no way I’m going to be able to make my dream trip to India this year. Next year is more of a possibility (though I know I said that last year :) )… But I am sure this will be a great treat for those who can make it, in addition to supporting a good cause.

    I will make your announcement into a post in the near future as well… If you have any pictures or anything that you’d like to go with the annoucnement, feel free to send it along.


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