18 comments on “Ragini with Shashi, “Kya Hua Jo Maine” (Yeh Dil Kisko Doon, 1963)

  1. This Shashi-week seems to be spreading like wild-fire! :-) Always happy to see more of him though this isnt one of my favorite films with him in it.

    I too have always thought of Ragini as the li’l sis of Padmini, mainly because Padmini worked in more big-budget, big-star films that seem to have endured longer (the RK films are a good example). Besides I find Padmini a lot more attractive than Ragini, though both were equally good dancers.

  2. Yeah, I find Padmini more attractive than Ragini, but I find Padmini more attractive than anyone. :) They both were in quite a few fine films together, but Padmini always had the bigger and more central role. Except, maybe in the 1960 Ashok Kumar production, Kalapana (not to be confused with the 1948 Kalpana that Padmini had debuted in). There are a whole lot of clips from that on YouTube, and it seems that the two sisters are at least getting equal billing, or Ragini might even have the edge. And the dancing is really great in that one, as is the music by O.P. Nayyar. (I just downloaded the whole soundtrack – definitely one of my favorites.)

    I think Ragini did get to star in a few films with Ashok Kumar. There might have been some rapport between them. But I saw one of those Ashok Kumar and Ragini films, Adhi Raat Ke Baad, and it’s hard not to make an English pun with the Hindi title, because it was pretty baad, literally! (Of cousre, in Hindi, that word could mean something different – maybe you know what it means. I’ve also seen the movie spelled in different ways, and on the DVD I have, it doesn’t say “Ragini,” it says “Raggini.”)

    Padmini was more of an actress, and she sometimes played these roles where she could weep as much as Meena Kumari. Some people say she got into overacting a bit, but I still love watching her in just about everything. (Plus, I think most of the acting I saw her do was very good, by anyone’s standards.) I think Ragini became more of a comic actress, didn’t really do the heavier roles that tended to get more attention.

    Ragini’s dancing was terrific – yes, maybe as good as Padmini’s a lot of times; that’s the reason I love her. : ) I once read this interview with Helen – don’t know if maybe you saw it? – in which Helen basically said that her two favorites among the classic dancers were Vyjayanthimala and Ragini. Well, she said she thought Vyjayanthimala was better than anyone, and then she said she had a lot of respect for Ragini. I thought it was strange that she didn’t name Padmini – maybe they’d had some kind of argument or something. :)

  3. I dont know whether Helen and Padmini were ever together in amovie, but Ragini and Helen had a fabulous duo dance number in Shikari – Tumko Piya Dil Diya and they were terrefic togethr, wonder if that could be the reason why Helen mentioned Ragini…..

    My favorite number from Yeh Dil Kisko doon is ‘Phi Aane laga Yad wahi Pyar ka Alam”. Shashi’s expressions are something to die for…

  4. Hi there… Yes, that dance in Shakira is fabulous, and I posted it here a few months earlier:


    But Helen and Padmini were in a number of films together. One that I saw is Afsana (1966), in which they were both major characters. They didn’t dance together, but there was a dance scene in which Helen sort of danced around Padmini:


    Memsaab’s blog also mentioned a couple of films that they were in together, Bahi Bahen (1969) and Vaasna (1968).

    I saw one other Padmini film that Helen also danced in, the Tamil film Uthama Puthiran (1958).

    So… Quite a few films together, though no fabulous dances together.

    Regarding Yeh Dil Kisko Doon… Well, from my perspective, Ragini is more “to die for” than Shashi. But Shashi himself didn’t seem to agree. I read somewhere that while making this film, he complained that he thought Ragini was ugly! I’ll refrain from further comment on that. :)

  5. Ricard,hope u r a good reader .Rather than Padmini,i love Lalitha and Ragini too much;more is to Ragini….Ragini is very spontaneuos in dancing.lets take d example of Raani Samyuktha(tamil)Mullai malrakaadu…song by Ragini and party.ok lets take…kootile kiliyaanu jnan(Viyarpinte Vila-malayalam).
    u know these both Ragini and Sukumari(Rakki&Kukku) has done dance sequences in Simhala Movies too.they have wide fans in Srilanka too.
    Also try to c Sudharshanam(Lalitha’s…paname…)

  6. Manujkrishnan, I love Ragini too, and I think as a dancer she was probably as good as Padmini. I find Padmini to be the greatest beauty, but I have read an opinion that she was the greatest beauty on screen while Ragini was actually a greater beauty in person. (But then why did Shashi Kapoor notoriously complain that he didn’t want to do a romantic film with Ragini because he found her ugly? That guy was just weird…) I think Padmini was probably a better actress too, but Ragini was a great dancer and often so much fun to watch on screen, such a lively personality, very good with comedy. (Another reason the sad comparison to Madhubala come to mind…) I also know that Helen once mentioned Ragini as one of the two classic film dancers she admires, the other one being Vyjayanthimala…

    While I was looking around for info, I saw a mention of Ragini by someone from Sri Lanka in one forum and I wondered if she was popular there. So she did Sinhalese films as well as Tamil films? If only Ragini had survived, maybe she would have helped to ease some of the hostilities :) …

  7. Dear Richu,
    Ragini and Sukumari(Rakki&Kukku) had danced for Simhala Films by SS.Rajan.those days I think,popular tamil films were dubbed to Simhala(not sure).Its true that these sisters had fans’ there(I had heard it from Lalith’s daughter).
    U r in US …right?So can u iniate to complete the book by Padmini on her life?I may help u out for d same with informations(s) availed from kerala.

  8. Thanks, Manu. I reviewed Amar Deep a while back and have posted dances from that one many times.

    Memsaab has a couple of good posts about Shikari. The most recent one talks about a new DVD version that our friend Tom put together, with English subtitles. (I’ll probably get it sometime. I think I need to upgrade something if I want to download it, and from what I’ve seen, this movie is not at the top of my list, not outside of the dances anyway. Though I know some people love it…)

    As for “Go-dan”… Is that the movie I see listed at IMDb as “Godaan”? I haven’t seen that one…

  9. Yet another good information for u Richard,Aadhi Parashakthi(1971-Tamil) was dubbed in Hindi in 1976.it is titled as Jay Jagath Jnanai.Both Padmini and Ragini was there in this film.U know Ragini died in 1976,so u could enquire on its dubbing part also.But i havt seen d movie and dont know whether she(Ragini) did a character role or just dance sequence.Jayalalitha,Vanishri and S.Varalakshmi were other artists in this film.

    and,once again i invite ur attention to GO-DAAN.Jetly Films had produced that movie.for detilas kindly log on to http://www.delhilog.org.

    U r not responding to my replies …it seems, i am posting on a daily basis…right!

  10. Manu, I saw Adhi Parasakthi and have also posted dances from it quite a few times and talked about it a bit. I don’t even recall seeing Ragini in the film, though it has been a while since I watched the whole movie and maybe I would recgnize her more easily now. I do not think she had a big role in this. Padmini had a significant role, but I think if it was anyone’s film, it was Jayalalitha’s. And by the way, yes, I know about the Hindi version made in 1976.

    I don’t understand your comment about my not responding to your replies. I don’t think you’ve been posting on a daily basis but you have posted a lot, and I do like to answer other people’s comments too, and I appreciate several other people’s comments quite a bit also. Moreover, much as I enjoy the comments section, I like to spend more time in this blog actually doing posts.

    And there have been a lot of things going on in my life outside of this blog lately, most of them rather unpleasant, actually, which causes some delays too (though I suppose I would have even less time for all of this if I had a regular job)…

    Meanwhile, I would suggest that before you dash off a comment to tell me about another movie, try searching the blog first in case I have already talked about it. (That might slow you down in sending all these comments, which will give me more time to answer the ones that you do send. :) )


  11. sorry Richard,i didnt know this.
    But I have a poster of Jay Jagath Janani with Ragini’s name(but not significant role…i think).If u want,i will send it to u.But Ragini had done a very significant but a tiny(only one sceen)role in Mannaadi Mannan.Can u guess which was that…..?S whare MGR confuses Ragini with Padmini,jumping in to River Kavery screeming Chithra…Chithra(quite a normal confusion that anybody have with regard to Travancore Sisters).And most of the net reviews share Jay Jagath Janani as Ragini’s last movie(ofcourse there is Aalinganam)
    Ok…oncemore sorry for hurting u.I didnt’ know that u were jobless.

  12. Manu, no hurt taken, and my being jobless has nothing to do with anything except that I was explaining how I might have even less time if I had a job(!) (or maybe not – I haven’t gone into all the things that have happened lately, which are not for this blog).

    All I was trying to explain is that you must please understand if I seem slower in answering comments…

    I have Mannathi Mannan on DVD, but I haven’t looked at it in a while. I think I recall the scene that you’re talking about. I’m going to have to look at it again, and I’ll look again through Adhi Parasakthi (which is actually available on YouTube for all to see, with English subtitles).

    I also wanted to mention that maybe it would be best to continue this conversation under a newer post, where everything still applies and the clip is still working. :)

  13. Yah Richard,Thats is Ragini with EV Ramaswamy.If u didnt regognise her here,Iam sure u will never recognise her in Mannadi Mannan.U know,I brought AadhiParashakthi VCD only to c Ragini.While Mannadi Mannan begins ,there is a mention of Ragini’s name in the actors list.I waited to c her on the silver screen….And found her in oly a single sceen,that too so confusing shot!
    S u r true, Ragini is so fat in this film,becos by this time she had two children(and she had treatment and medication).U can c fatty Ragini in heaps of character roles in Tamil,Malayalam and Hindi.Aaromalunni,Navagraham,Poompaata,Gangasangamam,Sarwathy etc of ths ganre.
    And indeed there were very shot sceen where Ragini appeared in silver screen…like that of her stage perfomance in Marumakal in a male attire along with Padmini,Market Dance in Ezhai Padum Paadu along with Lalitha-Padmini(which i have already said on)And,if u r a fan of Jayalalitha,u wud have noted Ragini in a male attire in a Pub dance alongwith Jayalalitha in one colour tamil movie…..

  14. I have seen Ragini and recognized her instantly in other roles around this time period, 1970-71. I’ve also recognized her in male roles and have pointed her out as Ragini in such roles when other people couldn’t recognize her. So I wouldn’t assume that based on the fact that I didn’t recognize her in this small role in this movie, I would fail to do so in other things. :) Anyway, Mannathi Mannan was made a decade earlier, so maybe that would help me to spot her, confusing shot or not. (I’ll see. I’m not rushing to find out right now, though; I have a few other things to do.)

    I am not always the best at recognizing people, but I did become more of a Ragini fan, so could begin to see through some of her excellent disguises as time went on…

    One reason she looks particularly fat in the Aadhi Parasakthi clip is because, as I mentioned, there is a bad aspect ratio. I wasn’t using that term until the past year or so, when our friend Tom the DVD maker pointed out this problem to me. But I knew it existed in places without knowing the definition, since I knew that in some places the film clip got distorted so that people looked too skinny and eleongated and in others, too fat. Thus Ragini looks fatter here than in other clips from the same time period. She also does have on a pretty good disguise.

    Anyway, can we please stop conversing under this post? I don’t want people to keep going back to this one (with obsolete references and clip, etc.), when our conversation really has nothing to do with it anyway. :)

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