3 comments on “Oh, No, Ajit 45555 Has Been Suspended from YouTube!

  1. What a pity!!!
    I really hate it when they do that because most of the time it seems (at least to me) to hit really old stuff that you would never get to see otherwise, is impossible to buy, and whoi is it harming?

  2. The Hindi ones are a little easier to find and buy, at least in my area, than the Tamil ones. But as I said before, it seems even more pointless to me that they would do that when we are able to buy the movies. That’s because most of the stuff they end up knocking out is song clips, not whole movies. (In Ajit45555’s case, I think it was all song clips. Same with Tommydan1 before, when he was on YouTube.) It seems to me that seeing these song clips would give people the biggest incentive to buy the movies. That’s how it worked with me – I was watching a lot of clips before I finally ventured out and started getting lots of movies, and I am more tempted to buy a movie once I’ve seen clips from it that I like. Conversely, I’m not that inclined to buy movies when I haven’t seen clips from them. So, as far as I can tell, the more song clips that are out there, the more movies people will buy. It seems completely counterproductve for them to knock down song clips, if they are trying to keep up sales, make a profiit, etc.

  3. Richard, totally agree with you. Not only I have remembered films through song clips, but also a lot of singers that I have then bought albums, like Zila Khan. Then again there are a lot of TV programmes from Pak TV that have been forgotten long ago, and it is just pleasurable to revisit old childhood favorites, and certainly no one is selling or renting these.
    Other times, I have many many bought albums from the pre-internet age, and it is nice to see the visuals that accompany them!
    It is impossible for me to buy anything where I live without paying heavy postage and other charges, so I wait until I am in India, or related places to make my purchases.
    They are just giving up a whole lot of free marketing!

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