5 comments on ““Laila Laila Laila”

  1. Oooo, I remember this one!!! Had totally forgotten about it. Thank you for finding it and posting this one :))

  2. Bawa, you’re welcome – I thought you might know this one!

    I stumbled upon it, and it was one of those songs that I thought would be stuck in my head forever.

    It’s a great scene, too.

    I understand this film is a version of Laila Majnu, and it had a lot of hits (this one possibly being the biggest).

    It’s all onine for free viewing, but unfortunately, no subs.

    And by the way, I’ll probaby fill in more of the details soon.

  3. I think this version of the Laila song is based on a traditional Pashtu folk tune (Afghan) but I have to verify this. Seeing you interest in dancing, here are some very old numbers from our Indian Pollywood? Punjwood? (I really don’t know where it was they were actually made), with some nice dancing..

    My sisters and I still sing this one at all weddings:)

    And I love Rafi in this: there was no one more energetic and at the same time as subtle in his singing as him in male voices: Shamshad was a perfect female match for him!

    Quality of film is far short of desirable, but I am glad these exist at all!

  4. Oh, we sing a lot of songs at weddings!!! But we are always looking for “new” oldies or traditional material to add to our repertoire.

    A long time ago, at one of my cousins wedding, after the wedding ceremony and lunch and before the doli, for some reason there was a gap and we were bored and were challenged by the groom’s friends to sing,, so we asked our elders permission (normally this happens in the days before the wedding itself)….and they gave up after an hour. We had a repertoire that easily lasted 4-5 hours or so in panjabi….

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