4 comments on “A Nice Old Song from Bollywood to Mollywood

  1. Oh, my god I can’t believe it. I hope Shankar Jaikishan aren’t the ones who copied. Do you know who copied who? And who is the music director for the malayalam film? Thanks

  2. Hi, Stella_1. I happened upon this clip randomly, and the YouTube post doesn’t give much information, but after a little searching, I found out a little …

    The film is probably better spelled as Jeevitha Nauka. It came out in 1951, and it contained a few imitations of Hindi songs, including one of Naushad’s “Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki…” from Dulari. The music director is Dakshinamoorthy.

    There’s a comprehensive article about the film in The Hindu:


    It says there were two Barsaat imitations. I think this is the one sung by P. Leela – who, as you might know, was in a lot of these old South Indian films and was a fine singer too, even if she wasn’t Lata. :)

  3. P.S. And even if she wasn’t Noor Jehan, since I understand that a lot of people say Lata was kind of taking after Noor Jehan in that Barsaat song and since I got on my big Noor Jehan kick, I can see (or hear) why.

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