5 comments on ““Hum Tere Pyar Mein Saara Aalam”

  1. Absolutely beautiful poetry…Dil Ek Mandir songs are an amazing set of songs, beautifully sung too.

  2. This is a remake of a Tamil film called ‘Nenjil oru aalayam’… A major tear jerkie, but good songs.. Here is the corresponding song in the Tamil movie.

  3. Bawa, I’ve heard this movie contains beautiful poetry. Of course, I personally would have to see a translation – and hope that the translation is a good one. Fortunately, I don’t need the translation to know that the songs are beautifully sung.

  4. Tamilpenn, thanks for that info and the clip. I kind of like the Hindi version of the song more (which isn’t always the case). Still, it is always nice to hear P. Susheela…

  5. If I come across a decent translation, will post it to you :))

    Thanks Tamilpenn for the link.

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