8 comments on “More of Padmini and Lalitha in Manamagal (1951)

  1. omg! that’s my great aunt’s favorite song. glad you featured it here.

    The actor is the legendary TS Balaiah. Here is Tamil film historian Randor Guy speaking about Balaiah.

    I wanted to link to a video of the ‘oru naal podhuma’ song from the movie ‘thiruvilayadal’; but it is not available online. Balaiah plays the arrogant musician Hemanatha Bhagavathar in a very memorable role.

  2. Tamilpenn,

    That’s pretty funny. I also find it impressive that you know what your great aunt’s favorite song is (must be a relatively close extended family).

    Thanks for the info on T.S. Balaiah; that is interesting.

    I recall that song from Thiruvilayadal, but I didn’t make the connection that it was the same actor. I watched that movie online (with English subs) somewhere between a year and 18 months ago, and I’ve watched many movies since. I remember the scene vividly, though, and it was a good one.

  3. That’s because she used to sing this song quite often. And, Tamil families are indeed tight knit.. We meet each other quite often.. or at least used to.

  4. Hi Richard

    In India, great-aunts are part of your immediate family :) extended family would probably be great-aunt’s husband’s second cousin.

    Fascinating blog. Will be checking in more often.

  5. Cram, thank you for the nice words!

    Cram and Tamilpenn boh, I’ve known for sometime that family ties in your part of the world tend to be deeper and more extensive than what we’re used to here… Even if I might never be clear on where, exactly, you draw the line between “immediate” and “extended” family. :)

  6. :)

    I guess it’s kinda difficult to draw the line, but one can safely say immediate family would include grandparents’ siblings and their descendants. Anyone else would be extended family. Of course, much depends on proximity too. Out of sight, out of family tree.

  7. i need the videos of dances by padmini , lalitha and ragini. can u please make them available

  8. Hi, Rahul. I understand your problem. There are many times when I also need videos of dances by Padmini, Lalitha and Ragini, wherever I can find them. Unfortunately, when they are made unavaiilable, it is not in my power to make them available again.

    I will continue to post Travancore Sisters clips whenever I can. Usually these will be links to YouTube posts made by someone else; once in a while, they might be clips that I myself actually made available on YouTube (though even then, they might have originally been made available to me by someone else). In either case, I can’t do anything if the clips are rendered unavailable – except look around for new ones.

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