41 comments on ““Aaye Pari Rang Bhari” from Do Phool (1958)

  1. I cannot help you with the identity of the dancer, but Baby Naaz grew up into the cheerful character actress called Tabassum.
    I recently came across a clip of her now where she was doing stand-up comedy, rather sit-down cross-legged on the floor comedy, telling jokes in a comic “mushaira”. Unfortunately forgot to take note of how it was tagged and have been unable to find it again, but she looked a pretty and cheerful 60 something!

  2. Another great find! Just checked out imdb and it looks like Do Phool was an adaptation of one of my favorite childhood stories Heidi! The butterfly dance is being done by the same kid sitting and listening to the flute – Baby Naaz who grew up in to the gorgeous Kumari Naaz (check out memsaab‘s post on her) and did lots of side-roles in the 60s and 70s.

    Bawa, Tabassum was another child actress – Baby Tabassum (thats her in this song) – who also did a lot of side roles and then went on to be a famous TV personality in the 80s.

  3. Thanks, Bollyviewer, I thought that might be Baby Naaz doing the butterfly dance too (but who are the other butterflies? :) I talked with Memsaab a little about Kumari Naaz over here:


    I don’t think I’ve seen whole films with the adult Kumari Naaz, but I’ve seen quite a vew with Baby Naaz. I haven’t seen Boot Polish yet (which I would guess is the film she’s most famous for), but I thought Baby Naaz gave an outstanding star performance in Payal as the Padmini character’s sad, blind, orphaned sister:

    (Not to spoil the ending, but she comes a long way in that picture, eventually playing a major role in thwarting some bad crooks.)

    Speaking of Padmini, there was another child actress who could be considered the Tamil Baby Naaz, named Kutty Padmini:

    I understand that she’s a big TV producer now.

  4. Really an enchanting song. Have been trying to get this song for quite some. Thanks for all the information. Can anybody help me with suggested websites for downloading the song in MP3 format (the audio). Thanks in advance

  5. I love this song.Please tell me if you know is Baby Naaz alive or her date of birth.She is my favourite actress.Thank you.

  6. I can’t see some of these clips, because they wrote:this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by columbia video films.Can you tell me what’s going on in the clip?Thanks in advance.

  7. Lana, it is nice to hear that you are a big Baby/Kumari Naaz fan, and thank you for the link to her bio! (I hope that bio also answered all your questions about her… It tells you a lot more than I could. :) )

    Meanwhile, I have replaced the clip now, and the version this time also has English subtitles.

    In general, YouTube clips often disappear, usually because of alleged copyright violations. If you look at some other blogs that include YouTube clips, they have a lot more vanished clips than this one. :) I could go through every back post to see if the clip is working or not, but that’s very time-consuming, and I already spend most of my life on this blog. :) Besides, as I mentioned once before, sometimes I just want to keep the post up because it contains other good information. But I have been replacing many clips in old posts gradually…

  8. Thank you.The problem that I’m from Bulgaria and I don’t understand everything in Baby Naaz bio.Maybe you’re her big fan too.

  9. Lana, I like Baby Naaz, though I don’t think I’m as big a fan as you are. :) She was great in Payal and in Boot Polish!

    Thanks for the other Do Phool clip.

    And I see that you found another copy of the Kutty Padmini clip as well… Well, many thanks for that one!

  10. You’re welcome!I sougth PAYAL in youtube but I didn’t find a clip with Baby Naaz.Can you send me something from this film?

  11. Thank you!I”m so happy to find someone who likes indian films and indian music.

  12. Thanks, Lana, that is a nice scene too.

    Feel free to go through my blogroll, and you’ll find quite a few people who like Indian films and Indian music. :)

    Is it hard to find people with a taste for these things in Bulgaria? I had kind of thought that Eastern Europe in general had more knowledge of Bollywood than the seriously Hollywood-dominated U.S. (I had great access to these movies for a long time from living around Jackson Heights…but the U.S. in general is quite ignorant about this stuff.)

    I have heard some similarity between Bulgarian folk music and Indian folk music (maybe because of the gypsy connection?)… I had a co-worker a while back who devoted a lot of time to Bulgarian folk dancing and had even gone to Bulgaria for several years. I showed her a bunch of Indian film dances on YouTube (this was in late 2007/early ’08, after the recession had begun, all the work had run out, and we were all just playing around on the computers, waiting to be terminated)… She seemed to like them, but not nearly as much as Bulgarian dances. :)

  13. Well, you can tell that it’s hard to find people who likes indian music.Lots of them likes pop folk(it’s terrible).I told you that I don’t understand anithing in Baby Naaz bio.Can you tell me is she alive please?

  14. Lana, sorry to tell you, Baby Naaz (known in adulthood as Kumari Naaz) died from cancer in Octiber 1995.

    Don’t feel so bad not understanding that from the article. It doesn’t even say clearly that she died. It says she started slipping and then drifted away (so even an English-speaking person has to read it closely)… I don’t like it myself when people need to use all those confusing euphemisms. If somebody died, I’d rather the writer just write that she died. But anyway…

  15. Great!Where do you know this thing about her?Oh, and I wanted to ask you this-who is Asha Bhonsle?I saw that she played in Boot Polish.

  16. I found out about Kutty Padmini being a producer from comments somewhere. I found out that she is still busy today by typing her name into the Google search engine and looking for a current year in the results (might have searched for her name with “2010”). If I see a name I want to know more about, I almost always start with a search like that.

    I am curious about what route you are following to learn about Bollywood. I knew about Asha Bhosle (or Bhonsle) long before I could recognize a name like “Baby Naaz.” (Not a criticism, it’s just that you seem to be learning in a very different way. But I started with the music before learning about actors in the films.) Asha Bhosle did a lot of the singing for Baby Naaz.

    And thank you for reminding me of Asha Bhosle’s singing in Boot Polish, because it is quite beautiful. I love this duet with Talat Mahmood and Asha Bhosle; it really puts a tear in my eye:

  17. Beautiful song!I read somewhere that Asha Bhonsle and Baby Naaz are one same person.

  18. What about Rattan Kumar?He is a good actor, too.He played in BOOT POLISH.His name was also MASTER RATTAN.I don’t know anything about him-is he alive, these things.

  19. I didn’t find the parts of DO PHOOL 1958.I want to watch it.But the songs are very nice.

  20. Thanks Iana…

    By the way, speaking of child actors and actresses, what do you think of Baby Meena Kumari in my latest post? Or Baby Kamala (posted somewhat recently)?

  21. Oh, Meena Kumari is great!!!!!But Baby Kamala….maybe in the beginning -I think the 3-rd comment?..

  22. Oh, that one! That song is very amusing.

    Iana, your comments and clips are always appreciated. But wouldn’t you like to comment sometime on another topic, under a more recent post?

  23. hmmm, ok.I will try to find something.

    And now in youtube I uploaded a song from Boot Polish 1954:

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