4 comments on “Another Wave of Suspensions at YouTube

  1. Why the Tamil clips are disappearing? My hypothesis is that Moserbaer is buying the distribution rights to these films and therefore, taking the songs off YouTube.

    They sell really affordable DVDs ($1 per movie!). But, they are exercising their ‘sole and exclusive video rental rights’ on YouTube.

  2. Tamilpenn, I have heard about Moserbaer cracking down on YouTube clips, but before that, Rajshri was going after people especially (so it seemed) for posting Tamil film clips.

    Can you really get Moserbaer films for $1 per movie? Here in Jackson Heights, USA, they usually go for $5, the same price that I pay for T Series, Sky Entertainment, or many other brands of DVD that put out old movies which might be selling at a discount. (Sometimes I’ve found other brands selling for a little cheaper than Moserbaer does here – like, say, at 3 for $10.)

  3. I do not know if Moserbaer sells in USA, But in India, the price is about $1 (Rs.45 or so) for most movies… Whereas in USA, my local Indian grocery sells movie DVDs for $2 and they are usually of good quality…

  4. Tamilpenn, I am curious now… Where is your grocery in the USA that sells movie DVDs for $2? And are they classic DVDs that we would want to see?

    In the “Little India” of Jackson Heights, Queens, near where I live, there are at least a dozen places I’ve been too that sell Indian DVDs. There are a couple of places that sell some at 2 or 3 for $5, but these are more recent ones that don’t interest me much. I have been surprised at how cheap the classic (1940s through ’60s) DVDs are, but they usually sell at $5. Occasionally, I’ll find them on sale at 3 for $12. (That’s the price at which I found Mahal (1949), which I love – I’ve listed it as my third-favorite Indian movie of all time.)

    There are lots of Moserbaer videos for sale around here. But I have heard that they’re not supposed to be for sale in the U.S., so maybe some charge was added on for unofificial smuggling costs. :) In any event, even if they’re not supposed to be sold here, apparently no one cares because, as I’ve said, there are many, many to be found around here.

    Unfortunately, it is much more rare to find the Moserbaer CDs of movies made outside of Bollywood, but I have seen some. And generally, as far as I know, the Moserbaer CDs have English subtitles too.

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