3 comments on “Noor Jehan, “Mehki Fiazen” (from Koel, 1959)

  1. Fascinating early Lollywood, especially as all this “provocative” dancing was slowly removed from films.
    Must be one the first N Jehan films in Pakistan?
    P.S. Richard, don’t stop posting these gems, please

  2. Thank you, Bawa. Why would I even think of stopping?

    The date of the film is 1959, so Noor had been in Pakistan for twelve years, but I guess it’s early compared to her long history of singing in Lollywood. I think, if I’m not mistaken, though, that 1959 was her last year of singing for herself in movies; after that, she became a playback singer.

  3. Richard, because cyber space is littered with interesting blogs that have petered out (okay, most of the litter is forgettable, but now and again there is something you wish was updated).

    So the comment was intended to encourage you :)

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