10 comments on “Dupatta (Urdu, 1952)

  1. Was away for a few days, and come back to find this extensive review of the best-known Pakistani movie of the 50s, certainly the most outstanding soundtrack, despite the horrendous sound quality: they really had very little means and it shows through in these movies.
    You can see why Noor Jehan was sooooo popular when you watch her movies from the era, she is not only beautiful, but also always has this powerful presence on the screen. Her hero in Dupatta, etc.all look a bit washed-out in comparison.

  2. Hi, Bawa. I was hoping you’d send a comment on this and wondered if you might be away from your computer for a while. :) And It’s true. she did have a powerful presence on the screen which was much more impressive than that of her costars – I saw that again watching Intezar (even if I didn’t have the benefit of subtitles), and the music in that one was outstanding too.

  3. Just saw this after following your link to youtube. How fun to see this old film!I also am sick with a head cold, so I liked seeing all the nurse and drs on screen, very healing. :) I really enjoyed it and your write up is excellent. I’ve only read it now AFTER seeing the film. To answer your speculation “Of course, we are never quite sure if this moral would work the same for the characters involved if the gender of Beauty and the Beast were reversed, but never mind,”I would have to say NO. Good point there.

    The scenes I enjoyed most, beyond Noor Jehan’s singing, were when the guy in love with Bulbul tried to bite the head off the snake. What the heck? Then when he’s discussing her with the evil step mother begum, saying, “I don’t know WHY she doesn’t like me?” Dude, you tried to bite the head of a snake off in front of her, that’s why! I also loved when the insane wife tried to commit murder using those balloons to lure the little boy. I’ll file that idea away in the event I ever need to murder a small kid. And I always like to see knitting in my Indian (now Pakistani) films, since I knit too. Thanks again for writing sbout this and showing the link to make it possible. I want to see more of Noor Jehan now. I’ve heard of her and her fame, and now understand it much more. Just a lovely voice.

  4. You’re welcome, Sita-ji; I’m glad you liked it! I thought you might appreciate the attempted murder by BALLOONS! Hope you feel better; listening to Noor Jehan will probably help to heal you. Although, it’s probably not best to play “Ho La Meri Pat Rakhyo” (which I just posted) if you’re trying to keep down a fever.

  5. LOL, If you were to do a memsaab story type trivia post asking, “In what movie was there attempted murder by BALLOONS?” I would win! It was brilliant! Noor Jehan healed my swine flu! (I did jsut return from a trip to Mexico 2 weeks ago) :)

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  7. Diliip, thank you for the extremely nice comment about my review! It was written by me, Richard S. :) I suppose I could put my full name on these reviews, but I’ve just gotten used to the blogging tradition of not doing so (though I have never figured out a good pseudonym to use, the way some other bloggers have). I also do some political blogging (and have done so in the past much more extensively), and I do feel more comfortable these days quasi-disguising my identity in that area especially. Anyway, I will gladly send a personal e-mail back upon request to answer the question of who I am or what I’ve written. I also talk a whole lot about who I am and the things that inspire me over on the “About” page, though I am always thinking of revising it because that page is a bit wordy…

  8. I think that “Fazil” (above) might more properly be. “Fazli” What is the source for the connection between “Pygmalion” and his “Chaurangi”, please? I have a number of questions on that film and its various versions which I would like to ask, and so I would be grateful if you could email me personally.

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