3 comments on “The Travancore Sisters in Manthiri Kumari (1950)

  1. Nice clip Richard. I want to be there in person next to tihe river at this party. I just noticed that their ourfits had so many patterns and that makes me think it was a way to say “colorful!” in black and white. Those sisters not only dance well, but also give really a lot of good advice. Glad there were subtitles. I especially like “Youthfulness is really dangerours, believe that.”
    When I was a kid, I’m sure like many, I’d eat the frosting on the cake first, and maybe not bother with the cake. That’s very similar to watching the musical numbers (frosting) from the big cake that is Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood, hai na?

  2. Yes, Sita-ji, very good analogy – frosting on the cake, and often without the cake.

    I also agree that their advice was very good – amazing how they can advise so well while dancing up such a storm!

    I want to be there too. Some day, I’ll save up enough for plane tickets and a time machine.

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