2 comments on “Sanu Neher Waley…

  1. Nehr wale pul…it was/is so popular! Pretty simple lyrics, the tune is not that simple to sing if you are not Noor Jehan, and it is really really catchy!
    Thanks for the blog link, I shall certainly read it up.

    The second one, for a moment I thought you meant Bibi Nooran: this was one heck of a woman who died quite young…read this newspaper article

    And you may listen to one the very few audio recordings available of her (I have a total of 5 songs, rather 4 and half, as 1 is incomplete) to see what the writer was on about:

    There was some really good music in the 40 s and 30s, hope you keep digging it up from youtube for us.

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