4 comments on “Anmol Ghadi (1946)

  1. While I see everyone translate the movie as “The Pricelss Watch”, my own first translation, without seeing the movie, would be “Priceless Moment”, hence I guess Mehboob Khan’s was deliberately playing on words there.

    Thanks for the lovely review, the music and songs and singers are reason enough for this film. Your review is very thoughtful and I enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment, Bawa.

    I saw a few reviews of this film, and one of them, at Rediiff.com, made the point that you did about the play on words:

    The film’s title is a clever play of words. The pocket watch (ghadi) can be seen as a symbolic embodiment of all the moments (also ghadi) which Chander and Lata spent together. The way Chander treasures the watch suggests that he keeps those moments close to his heart.


  3. Great review Richard! I haven’t seen this yet, but a lot of the films from the 40s were like this—so much social commentary, and most of it not very optimistic! This sounds like a good one, and the music is sublime :)

  4. Thank you for the nice words, Memsaab. I’m also glad that you agree the music is sublime! I am very interested right now in seeing more Indian movies from the ’40s. (I’ve seen only a couple with subtitles and glanced through a couple without, though I’ve watched many song clips from that time, both Hindi and Tamil.) Of course, “lots of social commentary” and “not very optimistic” are perfectly OK with me. :)

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