3 comments on “Three Songs with Suraiya

  1. I enjoyed seeing Suraiya in the first 2 videos, without all the jewellery etc. She did say she loved getting dressed-up! But she is so pretty in the second song and her voice is very expressive too; the second one I hadn’t heard before.

  2. Yes, I like her in the first two more than in the third one also – I like her singing and the music more too.

    The third one is kind of nice for the dancintg, though that isn’t Suraiya. She”s certainly not bad in this, either. And some other people out there might like it because it also stars a young Shammi Kapoor – one of the earliest clips of him that I have seen (1954).

  3. Wow Shammi si young (and skinny!) that I totally missed him in my first viewing.
    Gestures are totally Shammi although less exaggerated than in his later roles.

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