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  1. Seeing you post songs of Rajkumari has made me realise that although the number of songs that she sang may have been smaller in number than many others, a high number of them were of exceptional quality. I am surprised at how many of them I know. Music directors seem to have used her to sing unusual and difficult numbers: it is hard to believe that she was untrained in any way.

    I felt a bit sad too after reading that paragraph in the Wikipedia. But after watching this other clip

    that follows on from the other one I posted, I think I got a glimpse of the person she must have been. There is this innocent looking old lady who is very very much on the ball. She must have been quite a forceful personality. And I think sitting for several weeks on national TV as a judge of singing show was perhaps the best tribute that she could have got.

    Compared to the so-called talent shows nowadays, this one had time and the leisurely pace and the love of music of everyone concerned really shows through. I guess they were not so commercially pressed.

    There are no subtitles but I will translate for you if you don’t understand something.

  2. Nice – in that clip she actually sings “Son Bari..” ! I will welcome any translation that you’d like to provide. I mean, I understand that she’s a judge on the show and she’s singing a few old songs, probably at the others’ request, and the audience loves it. But it’s not as though I understand the words that they’re saying to each other…

  3. Ok, here’s a rough one:
    The clip carries on from the other one,
    Sonu asks Naushad how does it feel to see Rajkumari singing again, recreating the magic of old days.
    Naushad replies with a couplet (very rough)
    “What world was that, what world is this, the one was like reality, this one is like a tale”
    Anil Biswas the interrupts to say from his heart “o singing one, thou hast no comparison” and if you would agree to do one favour, to sing “Ib Kya Hoga”.
    Sonu, ” Anil da himself has requested this, so please Rajkumari…”
    Rajkumari, ” Anilda, no I won’t call him Anilda, but Anil Biswas. He has asked, but if he can reply to Ib Kya Hoga, that would be good” (she’s being naughty here)
    Anil Biswas raises his hand like she deserves a smack for this one
    Rajkumari, “Iwant an answer to this!”
    She then sings all the time gesturing to Anil Biswas (hence the cheers and laughter)
    The line of the song where it goes, I have started to cry, you have started to cry, she turns to look at his companions (Anandji, and O P Nayyar and asks
    “Is he crying?”
    then carries on singing… then laughs as she puts the microphone down.
    Anil Biswas, “Complaint and the answer to the complaint. When I came here yesterday and asked her, Rajkumari, how are you? she replied, you never asked this when I was young, now you are asking how am I! …I answered that when you were young you were queen bee with so many bees around you that I never got the chance to say anything, so what can I do”
    Rajkumari, “Sonu, Sonu, I am sorry to interrupt but…(to Anil) you asked but you never asked with an open heart (much laughter here)…you stayed serious and asked like it was pushing, so what can one understand from pushing. If you had openly said, I will marry you, maybe I would have thought it over.” (O P Nayyar is delighted at this point)
    Rajkumari manages to look both mischievous as well as butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth here.
    Sonu says he cannot add anything at this point, it would be better in fact for him to keep quiet
    Khayyam interrutps, ” These compositions made by great composers, we should name the those great musicians, the first song she had sung by the great Khemchand Prakash, he has composed that, and the second is by Roshan- these great melody makers, not to mention them is unjust, so it was my duty to tell you who were the great composers behind these.”
    Sonu then thanks and the last part is mainly him explaining that this was supposedly a sort of break but the cameras were filming when all this happened, and they decided to include it in the programme because it would have bee a crime not to do so, even though it meant breaking it up into two episodes, etc etc…

  4. Richard,
    I just realised the song is not subtitled so you wouldn’t understand the lyrics. Roughly, the first part goes

    Listen, my vengeful love, tell me the truth, what will happen now?
    I am getting lost, you are getting lost (don’t know if it lost= kho or so =sleep)
    Something like this is happening in my heart
    I am crying, you are crying, what will happen now?

  5. Bawa, many thanks for doing all that translation. This does look like a fun exchange… And it seems remarkable to me that they got Anil Biswas, O.P. Nayyar, and Rajkumari all togethr for this show. Though I don’t know the Indian talent shows too well, so I don’t really know whether any others ever had a lineup to compare, or how the later shows in general compared. I do know that none could have this lineup today, since this show was made in ’98 and Nayyar, Biswas and Rajkumari all died within the next decade. :- (

  6. The line-up is like “dream-team”. The full line-up
    Anil Biswas, O.P.Nayyar, Anandji, Kalyanji, Naushad, Khayyam, Pandit Jasraj, Jagjit Singh, Parveen Sultana plus Rajkumari.
    People like Ila Arun can be seen in the audience. I think other episodes/years had other greats.

    Even if some of the above hadn’t passed away, I don’t think the “tamasha” and artificial drama, camera zooming about like crazy would fit in with them. I have watched some episodes on youtube and they were really all out listening to the singing.

    But I am glad this popular talent show paid some homage to these fantastic music directors and singers and made their faces familiar once again. The contestants were as well very “raw” in today’s drama terms, and most seemed serious music students on the day of their big exam. I guess you may have already seen this but if not, look who’s here, in her very first saregama, singing a Lata Mangeshkar classic with some ease and polish!


  7. You won the prize. One has to admit she was a brilliant singer at that age. In those days her prize was an year or two of singing lessons paid for by saregama.

  8. Banware Nain Movie:
    Its a B/W movie and all of the songs were excellent. Raj kapoor’s name is Chand Babu and I believe Geeta Bali’s name is Bela; however, there is a thrird character of Das Babu who is a village doctor (Vadhya) played by Jaswant (real name Syed Irshad Hussain- who passed who away in Karachi 7-10 years ago). Back in 1990’s EMI UK released all songs this film with exceptional quality on CD.I do have this movie in my collections on VHS filed away. Hope this helps to the readers/fan of old movie/music lovers. Thank you!
    Zafar Khan, Dallas, Texas

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