24 comments on “Yes, I Found the Autobiography of Balraj Sahni

  1. Memsaab, I doubt I have done anything significant enough for me to be crowned emperor… But your nice words are much appreciated!

  2. Saw this while chasing down Balraj Sahni’s autobiography. Can you tell me where you got it from? They might have another copy.


  3. Hi

    I tried to open the page by clicking the link, but its not opening. Has the page been removed? Can you tell me how can i get a copy of the autobiography.

  4. Hi, Sanjay. I discovered it missing myself when someone asked where it was just a few days ago, in comments to the previous post. More thoughts on that here

  5. hello,
    when I clicked the link to the word document of this autobiography it gave me an error. can you please send the correct link. thanks

  6. I think you are simply fooling people. The link is not correct since several months. There is no point doing this. Either you make the same available, if you have it at all, else you say that its not available.

  7. Sanjay, I already said above in the comments that it is no longer available. I could say so in the post itself (and I guess I will get around to that), but since you are writing repeatedly in the comments then presumably you also read the comments and so you should have seen already that it is no longer available.

    There is therefore no need for you to keep writing here about this. If you do so again, your message will be deleted.

  8. Very few actors like Balraj sahni have acxtually been the real pillars of acting. Balraj sahni excelled himself in WAQT in front of all time giant actor Raaj Kumar. Just watch the last scene when the family reunion takes place. I found everyone in the cinama hall with moist eyes. Such is the power of Balraj sahni’s acting. Even in films like TALAASH,DUNIYA,IZZAT,MERE HUMSAFAR, etc. all commercial films, he was brilliant in every frame. His DO BIGHA ZAMIN, directed by Bimal Roy remains a beautiful memeory in my heart. Mohan Ayyer

  9. Mohan, thank you for your comment and the recommendations. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen most of those films yet, but I will look into them for the performances by Balraj Sahni.

    I saw about half of Do Bigha Zamin (it was an online upload that I couldn’t return to for technical reasons), but from what I did get to see, he certainly was good in that! Some of the first films I remember offhand that I saw with Balraj Sahni in them include Pardesi, Seema, Kathputli, Bindiya, Sunghursh… I don’t know if any of these are among the greatest classics that he is known for, but I thought his acting was great in all of them. I also got to see Garam Hawa (thanks to a shipment a while back from Doc Bollywood :) ), and he was fantastic in that!

  10. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the mention…I think you have been chased and hounded for the copy by almost all the fans of your wonderful blog here… BTW the link you posted here has two ‘http://’s back to back before the issuu link I provided, so some might find it problematic again to open it…please check and rectify it if you can :)

    Thanks, once again…I really loved the links and info U provide…

  11. That “wonderful” compliment is much appreciated! But, wonderful or not, it’s obviously not always perfect. :) I have removed the extra “http” now.

  12. hey Richard, do you still follow up? i can’t thank you enough, for i had been looking for any THE BALRAJ SAHNI material for years. take my million thanks. can you tell where i could get his autobiography in hindi, that would be a big favour. still, a warm hug from true BS fan. you made my day!

  13. Amita, you are welcome, thank you for the nice words.

    At the moment, I don’t know where to find the autobiography in Hindi, but I could look into it.

    Anyway, I am very happy that I made your day with this post, especially since it’s Balraj Sahni’s birthday!

  14. yeh! within these few minutes since i posted first , i have gone through your blog. i am not much into gadgets and tech, but so many my kind of people are here, yaar. they all think and feel like i do. i am going to follow you, wherever you go. BS was such a genius with command on language and a great sense of humour. His account of Pt. Hajariprasad Dwivedi and Shantiniketan, i read recently in Vyomkesh Darvesh. How observing he was and what untimely demise.

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