3 comments on “Shamshad Begum on Kumkum in Mirza Ghalib (1954)

  1. I liked this movie, mostly for the beautiful ghalib ghazals that Ghulam Mohammad set to some great music, so much so that I don’t like them in any other “tune”.

    Suraiya was a joy to wactch and hear too, and perhaps Bharat Bhushan was more tolerable in the role of Ghalib.

  2. That Kum Kum, she’s a little minx. The leading ladies always look so staid beside her. I’d be very worried with her around. Does she steal all the heroes away? She easily could! I wish I could do that with my eyebrows!

  3. Bawa, I’ve seen/heard at least one of the ghazals, and it’s very nice. I’m sure Suraiya was a joy to watch and hear in this film. But the greatest interest this has to me is that the dance above really was Kumkum’s first, which I only guessed but have confirmed today from a couple of different sources.

    Glad to hear Bharat Bhushan was “more tolerable” here. :) The poor guy – in these blogging circles, at least, I could see him losing a popularity contest to Pradeep Kumar. (And, yes, that’s pretty bad…)

    Joss, there was some rivalry between Kumkum and the leading lady in Kohinoor, for the character played by Dilip Kumar. The leading lady didn’t look too bad, though, since it was Meena Kumari at her most beautiful. So, Kumkum couldn’t match Meena in the beauty contest and besides, Meena’s character was a princess, destined to be with the prince that Dilip played (since this movie wasn’t exactly about people breaking out of class barriers). However, Kumkum was adorable here, her character had a more interesting personality than the Meena character, and she did some fantastic classical dancing… If I were Dilip’s character here, I actually would have a tough time choosing, especially after one of Kumkum’s dances. In fact, after two of those dances, I think I would have to choose Kumkum over Meena. (Hey, it’s nice to have fantasies!) But it’s clear along that poor Kumkum isn’t going to be able to steal him; she never really stands a chance.

    Regarding the eyebrows… I think Kumkum had the all-time second-best dancing eyebrows in Bollywood (surpassed only by Helen’s).

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