4 comments on “To and from Rangoon…

  1. At the time, the sophisticated cities were Lahore (which was equated to Paris by some), Rangoon and Calcutta. I understand from my dad that these were the fashionable/glamourous spots to be seen in.
    I read that Dehradun was brought into the song because it was the only place that could rhyme with Rangoon, as do June and “patloon” = Pantaloon (translated as pants in the lyrics above).
    It is a song that always brings a smile to my face, and after 60 years, what more could a song want!

  2. Bawa, thank you for all that inside iinfo. It looks as though Rajinder Krishan went to some lengths to come up with good rhymes. How come there’s no mention of the monsoon?

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