8 comments on ““Aaj Mere Man Mein Sakhi”

  1. Hi. Thanks for the recommendation. Actually, since I live on the edge of Jackson Heights, I just buy all my DVDs in the stores nearby. They have lots of Moser Baer around, though some people have told me that’s not possible because they’re not supposed to sell those DVDs outside of India. (LOL)

    Anyway, that’s not good news that this was a hard find. I know one place near me that has a lot of stuff from the late ’40s through early ’50s, so I’m hoping they will have it. But it’s not the cheapest place around, and I don’t look forward to going back there… Well, I had a great time last time I was there, drooling over all of the really old stuff they had, but I felt that day as though i could buy just one thing, so I picked up Azaad (speaking of Dilip Kumar), and started to put some other things back, and the sales guy just got so pushy, and then he acted annoyed or hurt that I wasn’t taking advantage of his great deals. I always said that it’s just much more fun going to buy these things in the store, but now I’m beginning to wonder. :) Still, it would be great if I went back there and found this – we’ll see…

  2. Hey, guess what! I found Aan in two minutes tonight (on the Eros DVD). And I didn’t have to go to the aforementioned place because I found this in the place two doors down from it! Expect a writeup sometime soon. :)

  3. I watched it a while back, and sadly I did not like it. I was disapointed, I mean you get Nimmi, Dilip Kumar and Prem Nath. Music by Naushad + it’s in color. What do you want more? Well a strong script would have worked. Anyway, tell me what you think.

  4. I actually knew it was on eros as well, but i declined to buy theirs as it was so hard to find plus all the songs on it are not subtitled, i hate it when that happens

  5. Stella, I am about an hour into Aan right now. I have to say, I find some of the performances immensely enjoyable. The script might not make the most sense or be that believable at times. But I don’t know if it is necessary to take all of this so seriously. Though on the other hand, there really are some nice ideas running through this film (I’m always appreciative of a little socialist egalitarianism, especially in places where you least expect it – such can be expected of Mehboob Khan sometimes). And there are some very funny moments – most of them intentionally so, I think. Plus, Dilip is certainly fun in the swashbuckling (though I liked his character more when he did this sort of thing in Kohinoor eight years later). But anyway, back to the movie soon – and maybe a real writeup sometime in the near future. :)

  6. Bollywood Deewana, it is annoying that Eros doesn’t have subtitles for the songs. But on the other hand, their DVD didn’t turn out to be so hard to find after all, at least not for me. And I tend to think Eros has more dependable quality (though that isn’t saying much). Plus, Moserbaer is one of those companies that have gone after people more than other companies over alleged copyright violation on places like YouTube – and I don’t like that. So, just as well to have the Eros one.

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